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Out of Space: second edition is coming soon and you can pre-order it now.

Jim Ottewill’s ‘Out of Space’ captures UK rave culture’s evolution with neon lights and pulsating beats. The second edition will be released on April 26th by Velocity Press. In this edition the book the author adds a new chapter on Birmingham’s vibrant scene.

Birmingham’s rave odyssey unveiled

In this updated release, Ottewill meticulously uncovers the past, present, and future of Birmingham’s rave culture—a city renowned for its rich musical heritage and thriving nightlife. The new chapter delves into the depths of Birmingham’s contribution to the UK’s rave tapestry, offering readers an immersive experience into the history and evolution of the scene. Ottewill’s compelling narrative captures the essence of Birmingham’s rave culture, weaving a story that resonates with the beats and stories pulsating through the city’s veins.

Voices from the scene

‘Out of Space’ is not merely a book; it’s a celebration of the rave culture’s history and evolution. With over 100 interviews featuring key figures such as Bill Brewster, Norman Jay, Colleen, Ottewill brings authenticity to the narrative. These firsthand accounts provide readers with an insider’s view, transforming the book into a time capsule.

The global resonance of rave culture

While Ottewill’s work primarily explores the UK’s rave culture, its influence transcends geographical boundaries. Across the Atlantic, Arizona prepares to host its inaugural R.A.V.E. event at the Verde Valley Fairgrounds. The global reach and enduring appeal of the rave culture continue to resonate, echoing Ottewill’s comprehensive chronicle of its past and present.

Pre-order bonus and remixed cover

For those eager to dive into the beats and stories before the official release, pre-order ‘Out of Space’ by January 21st. Not only will you secure your copy ahead of the crowd, but your name will also be immortalized within the pages of the book. The cover, remixed as an extra treat, mirrors Ottewill’s exploration of rave culture’s dynamic energy.

Let the countdown to April 26th begin, as we unveil the heartbeat of Birmingham’s rave culture in this second edition.

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