Snarky Puppy’s keyboard player gets his hands on the new Rhodes MK8

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Over the last several weeks, we’ve learned a lot about the upcoming Rhodes MK8 electric piano, and we’ve even seen some renderings, but it’s only now that the team behind it has given us our first good look at what it is looks like.

Bill Laurance, the keyboard player for Snarky Puppy, recently paid a visit to Rhodes HQ and had an opportunity to play the new piano.


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If this is the final MK8 design, it has the traditional Rhodes appearance while yet having its personality. To the left, we can see the Preamp, EQ, and Vari-Pan sections, but there are no effects, indicating that they will not be included as standard. Those who wish to specify the compressor, delay, and chorus will most likely find them to the right.

“Making it into a Rhodes synthesizer while retaining the legacy of the classic MKI and MKII,” Bill said. “It’s stunning. This is a really important instrument.”

The Rhodes MK8’s pricing and release date are yet to be determined, but we do know that the new Rhodes website, which will allow you to learn more about it, will go up on November 1st.

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Spotify launches DJ Mixes

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Spotify has added a new area dedicated to DJ mixes.

The new area premiered in the first week of October, as well as new mixes from artists such as Adam Beyer and Noisia, and other previous mix content from the Spotify archive.

Currently, the service is offered in eight markets: the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. Spotify stated in an official statement that it expects the list of areas to grow shortly.

The initiative, which comes on the heels of a similar statement made by Apple Music in September, provides a possible new cash source for creatives. Spotify has recently been under increased scrutiny as concerns about the broader streaming strategy have arisen. According to a recent UK survey, just 0.4 percent of musicians make a living solely from streaming.

Hopefully, we will have a larger catalog including DJs from different music style in the near future.

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Pianity marketplace lets you collect unique music NFT

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NFTs, also known as crypto collectibles, are one-of-a-kind assets that use blockchain technology to establish scarcity and value on one-of-a-kind artworks, connecting the virtual and real worlds. In context, crypto arts have lately grown by 299 percent in 2020, with half of its whole historical worth created in March 2021 ($200M).

NFT or Non-fungible Tokens

Non-fungible Tokens are bits of data that are registered and validated on a digital ledger known as a blockchain and can be artworks, audio, movies, or games, among other things, confirming an asset’s validity through unique IDs. But what exactly is a blockchain? In a word, it is a digital ever-growing list of data records composed of multiple data blocks organized chronologically and linked and secured by cryptographic proofs.

Pianity is made for collectors and artist

There’s no doubt that Pianity’s Nature is designed to create value for artists and collectors. It will continue to release some great features while offering a wider range of options to its community of musicians and collectors. Profit-Sharing NFTs are a new reward-distribution system that encourages long-term collectors to continue collecting.

To reward collectors for their support of musicians, Pianity has been working on a reward-distribution mechanism. This implies that every collector on Pianity will get a weekly reward equal to the size of their NFT portfolio – paid in fiat and immediately added to their NFT balance.

The beta edition of Pianity, a fresh new NFT marketplace that acts as a digital art gallery featuring many music sectors, was made available to us a few months ago.

A new music NFT marketplace

Artisans and their audiences join Pianity to create, collect and exchange unique digital artworks. It is a social platform that encourages discovery and creativity, as collecting is intrinsically social.

We’re thrilled to be a part of Pianity’s weekly releases, which feature a variety of musical genres, including Minimal House, along with some of our dearest friends and producers, who will showcase some of their exclusive works in extremely limited editions.

Taking into account Pianity’s infancy, we spent a lot of time figuring out how to make this brand new aspect of music revenue relevant for both artists and collectors. We developed an evolving strategy and a special video clip, which Pianity amazingly allowed us to make exactly the way we wanted it to be.

NFT benefits to the music industry

By limiting live concerts, 2020 has turned the music industry on its head and taken away a key source of income for musicians. Because of this, artists have been seeking new methods to interact and develop with their audiences, which has led to the creation of NFT marketplaces, which provide numerous benefits to artists.

An essential element of crypto exchange, NFT transactions let users send money and receive content directly to their digital wallet. Aside from that, artists have complete control over the goods they wish to transform, as these tokens may be digital or physical, and can be used to tokenize everything from albums to records to digital art to studio sessions to merchandising to event tickets.

Collecting and trading their favorite producers’ creations is possible with NFTs thanks to the ability to own a piece (or a portion) of their reproduction on the blockchain. The ability to be open to newcomers has allowed NFTs to uncover a creative side that is pretty much exciting to understand and discover.

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TELUM will be back at fabric in October

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On October 17th, the successful Telum label will perform their next show at fabric.

In keeping with their enigmatic, music-first attitude, the team staged their inaugural ‘No Names, Just Music’ event at the London institution in August. Mihigh from Romania stepped up as the first surprise visitor, presenting the metropolis to a spectacular Sunday evening of creative minimalism.

The project has been a fixture in the sets of RPR, Ricardo Villalobos, and Sonja Moonear, pushing a sleazy, edit-driven sound in their many sought-after releases. Walking the border between mainstream and underground, well-known tunes are tastefully remixed into smooth rhythms, such as the latest Dr. Dre edit in TELUM007.

Fabric is the ideal setting for this complex, multi-layered music, which comes to life on high-end sound systems. The club’s immaculate Martin Audio system is no stranger to the delicacy of stripped-back music, having hosted kingpin Ricardo Villalobos and RPR Soundsystem for long performances.

Buy event tickets here.

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Ergot Records opens a record store in New York

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Ergot Records, a new record store managed by the label of the same name, has opened in Manhattan’s East Village, New York.

The business is situated at 32 E. 2nd Street and will be open from Wednesday through Saturday, with appointments only on Sundays. Specializing in used vinyl and cassettes, the emphasis is on house, disco, minimalism, avant-garde, punk, and recordings by visual artists, with frequent in-store events. With time, the selection will include new releases, books, and other items.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) said last week that vinyl income in the United States increased by 94 percent during the first half of 2021, reaching $467 million. Meanwhile, New York’s Nightlife Advisory Council issued several suggestions in July, including loosening limits on public dancing and legalizing drinking in parks. Earlier this summer, a second study suggested the development of new 24-hour nightlife areas in New York City, modeled after Berlin and Amsterdam.

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Dubler 2 can convert your voice to midi

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Dubler 2, the latest edition of the award-winning voice to MIDI standalone program that enables you authentically transform your speech to MIDI notes and drum patterns in real-time, has been published by software developer Vochlea.

The latest version, which is used by artists like Novelist and Portrait XO, allows you to use whatever microphone you choose and can be tuned to recognize your voice more precisely.

After you’ve set up your voice, you can use it to trigger a variety of features such as standard MIDI notes, chords, and scales, drums for beatboxing, as well as other unique features such as pitch bend that follows your voice, voice timbre plotted to three different CC outputs for creative modulation, and velocity and envelope mapping. You can use the official Dubler mic if you like, but you can use any input you want, using any soundcard.

If you aren’t the finest keyboard player in the world, or if you want to rapidly lay down ideas without plugging in your MIDI controllers, Dubler 2 is a wonderful method to develop a new interface that isn’t limited by skill level or instruments. To understand more, download the 7-day trial here and watch the video below.

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Ableton Live 11.1 beta version supports Apple M1 chip

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Ableton Live has been updated to version 11.1, which includes compatibility for Apple’s latest Silicon M1 processors. The new processors were revealed in 2020, and while they provide substantially more power and performance to Apple’s new computers due to their design by Apple, it meant that the majority of audio apps had to be re-coded for the new chip.

Since then, we’ve seen DJ software like Serato and Traktor release upgrades, but most DAWs, except for Apple’s Logic Pro, have been sluggish to catch up, most likely owing to complications beneath the hood.

Ableton is the latest business to provide M1 compatibility in the Live 11.1 public beta. They’ve also upgraded Shifter and introduced two new Max for Live instruments called Align Delay and MIDI Shaper.

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Intaresu’s October gigs

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Come by and enjoy the night with fresh music mixed by our crew at Mein Haus am See, Minimal Bar and An einem Sonntag im August starting from tomorrow.

Our gigs for October 2021

02.09 > Isaac Elejalde @ Mein Haus am See
03.09 > Isaac Elejalde b2b Hypnoize @ Minimal Bar
08.09 > Isaac Elejalde @ An einem Sonntag im August
09.09 > Hypnoize @ Mein Haus am See

Listen to our latest recorded session

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Plogue’s OPS7 synth plugin may be the most authentic Yamaha DX7 reproduction ever

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Yamaha’s DX synthesizers have been reproduced several times, but Plogue’s OPS7 plugin may be the most faithful replication yet.

While the OPS7 does not resemble a DX synth (don’t anticipate a skeuomorphic UI), it promises to become a “bit-accurate” revival of Yamaha’s 6-operator DX synth series, which began with the DX7 in 1983.

OPS7 offers huge FM tones that capture “every particle” of the originals’ sound thanks to its dual-layer technology, which was shown in later DX1 and DX5 models.

Plogue has shown its customary attention to detail by replicating the same envelope stepping patterns, which change note-to-note, every aspect of the pitch computations, and utilizing similar operator maths.

The firm hasn’t skimped on the analog front, though, promising all of the crunchiness of the original DAC.

What OPS7 differs from its counterparts is in its patch editing system, which does away with method diagrams and is meant to be more straightforward than on DX hardware.

But don’t worry: because SysEx support has been included, you can still load any of the old patch banks.

OPS7 is now available for PC and Mac as a VST/AU/AAX plugin. It is around £50 in price.

More information on the Plogue website.

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Waldorf’s M synth is here to transport you back to the 90s

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It wouldn’t be a synth exhibition without the unexpected return of some old gear. This year’s comeback comes from Waldorf, which is returning to the wavetable origins of its instruments from the 1980s and 1990s with M.

M is a dual-oscillator wavetable synth with two modes that are based on Waldorf’s Microwave and Microwave II instruments. Rather than being a straight reproduction, M is a hybrid instrument in its own right, sharing some essential characteristics with Waldorf’s more contemporary Iridium.

These wavetable oscillators are combined with an analog low-pass 24dB/Oct VCF, replete with resonance and analog saturation, in this application. It also has a genuine stereo analog VCA with panning.

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