Rhodes is back with the promise of new keyboards

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The legendary electric piano brand Rhodes comeback with the promise of new keyboards. For far more than a half-century, Rhodes has been synonymous with the electric piano, with models carrying the brand helping to define the sound of soul, jazz, funk, rock, pop, and a range of electronic music forms.

While the Rhodes piano sound is still popular – there are plenty of hardware and software emulations on the market – the brand itself has faded in recent years.

However, that may be changing; Rhodes is now under new ownership, and it appears that new instruments are on the way.

The recently established Rhodes Music Group Ltd is based in the United Kingdom and is led by Loopmasters CEO Matt Pelling, who states, “We aim to continue founder Harold Rhodes’ production of the best quality musical instruments.”

The Rhodes brand survives because of the distinct sound of its keyboards and its devoted fan base. The enthusiasm for Rhodes electric pianos has resulted in large online communities of enthusiastic owners and fans, which we applaud. Dedication to advancement feeds its enthusiasm for music performance and creation, as well as our wish to see the Rhodes keyboard’s heritage live on far into the future.

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Erica Synths Matrix Mixer claims to be able to re-patch your Eurorack system

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Part of the joy of running a Eurorack system is the continual re-patching – at least, this is what fans would tell you – but although you have all the time or energy to do this in the studio, there are other pressures while you are playing.

The Matrix Mixer from Erica Synths claims to “re-patch your system with the touch of a simple click.”

The Erica Synths Matrix Mixer is a desktop patch matrix with 16 inputs and 16 outputs, can route and mix signals with great precision, as well as produce buffered multiples and randomized patches.

The Matrix Mixer is compatible with semi-modular synthesizers and converter cards for the EMS Synthi and Buchla Music Easel. The Matrix Mixer will be especially beneficial in performances that combine Eurorack and other performance instruments, such as drums, guitars, wind instruments, and so on, thanks to easy patch changes through panel buttons or MIDI program change signals.

Product specifications:

  • All analog signal path
  • 16 buffered, DC coupled inputs
  • 16 independent, buffered, DC coupled outputs
  • 256 connections, each with 3 attenuation levels
  • Random pattern mode with definable randomization area and density
  • 254 pattern memory
  • Pattern change via MIDI program change messages
  • 32 3,5mm jack sockets
  • 4 6,3mm jack sockets

The Matrix Mixer is now available for pre-order on the Erica Synths website. It costs $599/€490 and is expected to ship soon.

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Hide&Seek present Life in Colour with an outstanding lineup for September 4th

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The attendance of this year’s long-awaited Hide&Seek Festival has been increased in light of the recent lockdown lifting. More tickets are now available for this most sophisticated of gatherings on September 4th, and they are selling quickly.

It all takes place in the magnificent surroundings of Cheshire’s Capesthorne Hall, which is poised to come alive under the innovative and soul-enriching theme of ‘Life in Colour,’ with a plethora of extra-special designs and production to match the world-class roster of performers.

Apollonia, Black Loops, Dam Swindle, Gene on Earth, Jeremy Underground, Ingi Visions, KRN, Raresh, Sonja Moonear, Spokenn, The Ghost, VOIGT.MAS, Youandewan, Josh Baker, Sugar-Free, Sweely, and more headlined this spectacular festival.

The event curator

Josh Baker is a young and powerful Manchester artist who has made a major impression with tracks on LOCUS and Automatic Writing, DJ sets throughout the world, and now Hide&Seek Festival. Furthermore, Josh Baker is curating the entire event.

Life In Color by Hide&Seek is here to breathe fresh vitality and multi-sensory experiences into the environment. After what has been a black and white time in our lives, it will allow individuals to fully express themselves. It’s time to celebrate by dancing, reconnecting, laughing, and falling in love. It’s time to look at life through a new perspective as Hide&Seek tells a narrative that will last a lifetime.

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Super MIDI Pak converts your SNES into a MIDI synthesizer

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is known for its barnstorming ’90s sound chip, in addition to hosting some genuinely great games.

We’ve seen this replicated in others software before, but for complete realism, you’ll need Super MIDI Pak, which converts your SNES into an authentic, physical, playable MIDI synth.

Super MIDI Pak in action

The device is functional with both the NTSC and PAL versions of the Super Nintendo, including the Super Famicom and Super NT, and it provides access to 16 polyphonic channels with separate settings, as well as the ability to connect your keyboard through the micro USB and 3.5-inch TRS MIDI connections.

There is also a connected online application that can convert and upload WAV and SPC files.

The Super MIDI Pak is currently available for pre-order at a cost of $100. (plus sales tax and shipping). There is no set shipment date at this time, orders will be taken until October 15, 2021.

More information may be found on the Super MIDI Pak website.

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Behringer presents a new modified version of their TD-3

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With a wicked adjusted version of their TD-3 bassline synth, Behringer takes it to a whole new level.

Behringer’s latest activities have a surreal quality to them. It first unveiled a ‘new’ MKII version of their RD-8 drum machine, which is, obviously, a clone of Roland’s TR-808, and now the TD-3-MO, a modded-out version of the company’s TD-3 bassline synth.

This model has an even stranger background; it’s a second-generation TD-3 (a reboot of Roland’s TB-303 bassline synth) that looks to be based on Robin Whittle’s tricked-out Devil Fish 303. As a result, you might call it an updated replica that was also influenced by a prior mod project.

For more information on the new features, watch the video above or visit the Behringer website. The TD-3-MO will be available for $199 in silver and yellow. It is believed to be in the process of being sent.

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Frankie Knuckles’ record collection is on exhibit in New York

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The artwork, presented by Chicago artist Theaster Gates as part of a group show called Social Works, includes 5,000 recordings from Frankie’s collection. Among the pieces on display are test and promo pressings from Knuckles’ heyday, as well as comments from pals like Danny Tenaglia.

Tenaglia wrote on printing of his 1995 album Hard & Soul, “Frankie, not only is it my joy to know you personally, but it’s a pleasure to be able to let you know how much you inspire me.”

Russell E.L. Butler is also digitizing Knuckles’ collection for preservation purposes.

Knuckles, dubbed “the godfather of house music,” was a house DJ and producer who helped popularize the genre in its early phases.

Check out some of the installation’s recordings and learn more about the exhibit here.

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Intaresu is back at Crack Bellmer this Saturday

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Intaresu showcase is back at Crack Bellmer. Take a break from the weekend and enjoy fresh house music in a uniquely beautiful atmosphere.

Music by Isaac Elejalde, Hypnoize and Toral.

To enter you the venue bring:
– An official daily negative test.
– An official proof that you are fully vaccinated.
– Proof that you have been recovered (official paper, mail, etc.).
* Please keep in mind to behave appropriately for the current situation. Keep your distance, take care of each other, wear your mask when not at the table/seat, and be aware of the spaces of others. Let us help to get the venue back on his feet. Dancing is only allowed outside in the patio with a FFP2 mask.

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Intaresu @ Crack Bellmer

Caprices Festival will have its 2021 edition in September

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Several days were spared when Caprices Festival revealed its plans for 2021. The schedule was set for two weekends in each of April and September. Despite needing to be reduced in size, the 2020 edition had been far too enjoyable.

This September, the event will be back and better than ever. It’s already a really attractive lineup. Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano return to the stage together, providing a rare opportunity to watch the dynamic duo in action. Guy Gerber, Nicolas Duvoisin, Cesar Merveille B2B ALCI, Mathew Jonson LIVE . The traditional suspects, those that are well familiar with the festival audience.

The second lineup of artists increases attractiveness. Picnic Records hosts Francesco Del Garda, Andy Luff, and Margaret Dygas, who contribute infusions of deep, house, and minimal in the festival. And that’s just for the weekend.

The lineup is, as always, spot on. This time around, it may be even more spectacular. The setting is still beautiful, and the prospect of returning to the top of those hills is just enticing.

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Slow Life short documentary by The MUDD Show

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The MUDD Show produced a short documentary directed by the filmmaker Dhanesh Jayaselan about the Berlin based record label Slow Life.

Slow Life documentary

The short film includes details on the road the team has created for themselves since forming the collective over ten years ago, as well as looking forward.

Slow Life began in 2011 when a laid-back group of Spaniards and Italians met and merged in Berlin. The current marvelous collective comprises Laurine, Cecilio, S. Moreira, and Santi Uribe. The music they perform, like the music they make, is threaded with brightness and timelessness.

The label expanded slowly and naturally to countless hours in the studio, a passion for discovering fresh talent, meticulous aesthetic design, and a distinctive Slow Life brand started to surface. Inevitably evolved to parties at their home base in Hoppetosse as well as the group’s well-known globe-trotting showcases.

Livestreams by The MUDD Show

The MUDD Show, which created this short film, is a media platform and event series that hosts livestreams and events in carefully selected small settings. Exposing and elevating talents, as well as discovering new treasures.

The MUDD Show has distinguished itself in recent months by presenting us with livestream via its YouTube account. As with any small business, The MUDD Show faced the repercussions of COVID-19 in 2020 and launched a tiny Kickstarter campaign to emerge from a year of obscurity.

257 supporters donated 10.137€ to make this project a reality, and today The MUDD Show has followed the phases outlined in its Kickstarter and gives us not only live broadcasts but also great films that the music business needs to recall its roots.

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New York City is considering a 24 hours nightlife areas

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This proposal is intended to assist companies in recovering from a difficult year after Covid-19. According to Ariel Palitz, senior executive director of the Office of Nightlife, New York City should enable nightlife enterprises in select neighborhoods to stay up all night. The problem is that the current licensing regulations in New York now prevent establishments from serving alcohol beyond 4 a.m.

Palitz’s plan, which was first discussed in the NYC Mayor’s Office For Nightlife Report 2018-2021 published last month, is inspired by locations such as Berlin, where clubs may apply for 24-hour permits. If enacted, her idea is to assist companies who have struggled to keep the lights on since the outbreak.

Read more about this news at the New York Post.