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Club WorkersThe Berlin Club Workers Trade Union, or Berliner Clubarbeitenden Gewerkschaft, is here. It’s a new voice for club workers. Launched in December, it fights for better pay and conditions. Workers often faced burnout and unfair practices. A spokesperson told Resident Advisor about the struggle. They want to stop predatory management. The union offers legal help and support.

Born out of necessity

Launched in December, the Berlin Club Workers Trade Union was established in response to systemic burnout and a hire-to-fire mentality prevalent among club management. Speaking to Resident Advisor, a union spokesperson highlighted the need for a platform that could advocate for better pay, improved working conditions, and offer a safeguard against predatory management practices such as union busting and wrongful terminations.

The union’s formation is a testament to the collective resolve of Berlin’s club workers, driven by a desire to challenge and change the status quo. By providing accessible legal guidance, sharing experiences on specific issues, and actively monitoring working conditions. The union aims to be a formidable ally for those navigating the complexities of employment in the club scene.

Rapid support and future aspirations

The Berlin Club Workers Trade Union’s call to action has resonated widely, receiving support from the community. In January, a fundraising campaign was launched to register the union officially. Remarkably, the campaign reached its goal in just three days, a clear indication of the solidarity and backing from those within and outside the club industry.

This financial milestone has enabled the union to solidify its status and continue its mission to advocate for the rights of club workers. With members and support from almost every Berlin techno club, the union is now focusing on expanding its reach and influence.

Plans for a rave demonstration parade on Labour Day (May 1st) are underway, symbolizing the union’s commitment to celebrating and demanding fair labor conditions, a tradition running since 1987 in Berlin.

Trade union for Berlin Club Workers

Joining is easy, interested workers can reach out on Instagram. The union aims to protect and empower. It’s reshaping Berlin’s nightlife for the better. This movement is more than local. It could inspire other cities. The union’s growth shows the need for such movements. It’s about fairness and better futures for all in nightlife.

Berlin Club Workers Trade Union is making history. It shows the power of collective action. This is about improving today and securing a fair future for club workers.

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