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t.akustik helps you set up your home studio

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Consumers certainly understand that most of the rooms we refer to as our home studio setups are sonically unworkable. Everyone has been remorseful of hurriedly erecting a few ‘acoustic panels’ in the hopes that they would suffice.

To assist remove any concerns, the Thomann brand, t.akustik, has carefully optimized its website to provide you with a simple shopping experience when selecting the correct acoustic treatment setup for you.

The Room Themes menu on t.akustik makes an important contribution to determining which package is best for your audio space, whether it’s a rehearsal room, command center, or movie room. Those three scenarios, of course, do not apply to everyone, but you may easily think of them as ‘playing, “recording,’ or ‘listening’ rooms instead.

The acoustic qualities of space are equally as essential as the interior design for many purposes. You may customize your space to satisfy all acoustic and aesthetic criteria with t.akustik modules. Choose from a variety of acoustic components that may be integrated to fit smoothly into the room’s decor or serve as visual embellishments – all while remaining soundproof.

Check out the t.akustik website for additional information on pricing your studio for acoustic treatment.

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Learn Ableton Live with Lessons in Live by Camiel Daamen

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Camiel Daamen is a DJ, producer, live performer, and Ableton Certified teacher who runs the instructional portal Lessons in Live. It’s a place where you may learn and master your skills at producing electronic music using Ableton Live.

Lessons in Live is a platform dedicated to providing free electronic musical training; the YouTube channel was founded three years ago to provide Ableton Live courses. Camiel’s expertise as an Ableton Certified Trainer, along with a 20-year artistic career, has led to the recognition of his Lessons in Live forum in the community.

Camiel Daamen is well-known for his live performances. Versatile, typically heavy on the rhythm, with loads of percussive and jazzy elements thrown in for good measure.

His sound is difficult to pin down since he can make house rhythms as easily as techno bangers or dub soundscapes. His varied tone, as well as his personality, allows him to be happy or sad, driving or soothing.

Tracks like these have obviously drawn a lot of attention to Camiel, and as a result, he is an increasingly in-demand live and DJ act, having initially sharpened his fangs on the Dutch scene. Now he can be found performing around Europe in Germany, England, Malta, Ibiza, and Poland, frequently weaving together performances comprised mainly of his unique productions.

Camiel offers educational instructions for Lessons in Live and hosts weekly live streaming with experienced musicians. In addition to these events, he conducts his Electronic Music Courses, where he motivates both starting and expert artists to create more music.

Dive in Live is one of the brief tutorials available on his YouTube channel; each Dive In Live video is a mini-course of 5 to 10 minutes in which Camiel explains tactics and procedures of electronic music production.

Every chapter is straightforward on the selected topic, Camiel illustrates and educates us on the production processes throughout each minute, as well as the creative process via each of the videos.

We may also watch weekly one-hour live lessons with special guests such as Trippin Jaguar, DJOKO, Close to Customn Luna Ludmila, Fyrone, and others on Dive in Live.

We suggest Lessons of Live and all of his free YouTube videos, as well as Camiel, paid courses on his website, which include Private Lessons, Online Focused Beginners Course, Online Inspiring Advanced Course, and more.

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Camiel Daamen
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Alex Ball’s YouTube channel is a gold mine of synth documentaries

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Alex Ball is a composer and producer with a long trajectory of 15 years, in which he has been recognized for his talents.

Alex has worked with a variety of companies like Jameson, Ribena, Douwe Egberts, Amazon Prime, Coca-Cola, Peroni, FCA, Public Health England, Ballantine’s, Virgin Holidays, Currys PC World, HP, Gulf Air, Ladbrokes, Hyundai, and others.

Alex Ball focused his passion for music six years ago when he launched a new YouTube account and began making videos demonstrating music production, composition, and arrangement.

His YouTube channel is well-known in the electronic music scene for its reviews of popular or freshly launched synthesizers. Each of his viewpoints has ensured progress for producers of electronic music.

With the progression and expansion of his YouTube channel, Alex has made DIY films evaluating and researching the top synthesizers on the market. Also, as long and fantastic lessons that have helped many DJs improve musically.

Alex, on the other hand, is more than just a YouTube video creator. Alex Ball has made a name for himself as a composer for series and movies that have been nominated and chosen as the best compositions, including on the trailers for “Sackboy: A Big Adventure” and “Watch Dogs: Legion,” and for the Cbeebies BAFTA nominated series “Tee & Mo.”

Alex has built a career out of his talents, including a loyal base that follows his every step with the development of new songs and all the reviews of new and old synthesizers. We recommend you watch each of his videos and learn more about his inventions by visiting his website.

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Alex Ball
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Improve your music skills with Gene On Earth’s masterclass

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Gene on Earth has emerged with one fantastic idea, a never-before-seen deep-dive look at his creative process and make it a Masterclass.

Gene’s ‘Nuggets – The Blueprint’ tutorial course provides unequaled access to an artist at the top of his profession, and he has lots of pearls of knowledge to impart.

Gene On Earth takes you behind the scenes of his studio to show you how he makes his renowned Limousine Dream nuggets every year. He teaches you everything from digging techniques to his process with samples and soft synthesizers, as well as a variety of methods to obtain the right arrangement.

This course presupposes a basic understanding of Ableton and electronic music production principles (for example, what an EQ does, how to work with MIDI notes, and things on that level).

This is a thorough Ableton lesson that covers all aspects of Gene’s music-making process. You will learn the following from it: How he completes every track he starts, employs all of the technical and musical skills he employs in his tracks, and some strategies for success both inside and outside the studio. Each procedure in the course addresses the stages involved in the effective development of electronic music.

In this way, the course may be used by both beginners and pros, when the student can follow the introduction and additional videos, they will have the knowledge needed to use Ableton correctly.

The course lasts for 5 hours and 30 minutes and consists of 13 videos that Gene explains in-depth, as well as instructions on how to make a good track with your habilities.

We recommend you check it out here to improve your music producing skills.

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Phonica Records launched new sublabel

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A new imprint of Phonica’s in-house label has opened in London. Staff member Luther Vine will curate Phonica AM, a late-night electro, minimalism, and house show. There will be a four-track EP called If We Weren’t, which will be released on September 3rd.

Voodoos and Taboos have released three albums so far in 2019, all on their label.

Lexi Vine’s Phonica AM is a new label with an after-hours vibe. Techno, Minimal, Electro, and everything in between is all examples of this.

Phonica AM, along with Karakul, Phonica White, and Phonica Special Editions, is one of four sub-labels of Phonica.

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Phonica Records
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Take your music production to the next level with Alexis Cabrera’s online courses

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Alexis Cabrera is well known for his fantastic performances, releases, and now for his music production classes, which have helped hundreds of new and upcoming music producers.

His path in the music industry

Alexis Cabrera went from Argentina to Europe at the age of 32 and quickly established himself behind the boards of the world’s top dance clubs. His musical career started when he was seven years old when he began training at the Buenos Aires Conservatory for seven years. Alexis has demonstrated exceptional style, particularly in live shows, during the previous few years.

After the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, he reinvented himself, and thanks to his successful trajectory, Alexis sought to share his skills with as many people as possible. Alexis’ online lessons assist producers in overcoming frequent errors in music production and encourages them in turning their ideas into great music.

Raise the bar on your music production with Alexis

The first choice of his online classes focuses on equipping producers with the necessary methods to improve their compositions and put all their ideas into action.

The second choice of his online lessons focuses on selecting a subject that corresponds to the musical style they desire to pursue (Creativity, Mixing Engineering, Mastering, Effects, Arrangement, Sampling, Modular systems). The course’s concentration is on arranging, writing, and mixing.

Alexis courses are a no-brainer for any upcoming producer that wants to enhance their abilities and learn useful tips for producing better music. For those who cannot afford the courses, he uploads some tips and lessons on his YouTube channel.

Learn more about his courses at HelloMusic by Alexis Cabrera.

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Live Enhancement Suite is a must have tool

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Live Enhancement Suite is a tool for improving workflows in Ableton Live by using built-in AutoHotkey. Instead of modifying Ableton Live, it automates user actions at near-invisible rates.

Each of these technologies is frequently used to create fast and rough shortcuts for personal usage, but Live Enhancement Suite’s objective is to create a tool that operates well for all users, keeping these shortcuts user-friendly to use.

Ableton Live is the number one DAW

Ableton Live is one of the most popular music production programs used by both beginners and professionals in the field of electronic music. Since its initial release, its developers have worked tirelessly to provide a different system to all other DAWs with a more conventional approach and that is specifically focused on electronics.

However, there are always things to improve in every product, particularly in the workflow, little aspects that developers miss. This is where Live Enhancement Suite comes in, a completely free modification for Ableton Live in its Windows and macOS versions that provides a number of minor changes that significantly speed up working with this DAW.

Live Enhancement Suite may build a menu to include your most often used devices, which can be accessed with a double right-click. Includes a timer that displays how long you’ve been working on a project, and by right-clicking on the piano roll’s left side, you may select a scale and key and have the piano roll display only the notes in that scale and key.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can get it for free, which includes not only the installation for Mac or Windows but also the source code, as it is open source and welcomes all types of contributions.

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Live Enhancement Suite

Michael James and his production tutorial channel: The Source

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Michael James has emerged as one of the most active musicians in our genre in recent years, appearing on a variety of prominent labels like Constant Sound, Fuse London, Mulen Records, and Rowle.

Michael James has done a lot of one-on-one tutoring over the last several years, and people have often complained that it’s difficult to find tutorials online that are genuinely focused on underground electronic music. Rich was also interested in sharing his enormous knowledge of production, as he was frequently publishing short lessons and ideas on his Instagram and offering an insight into his workflow that not many artists share.

This is how The Source came to be; you can discover all of the Producer Tutorials you’re used to seeing on their Instagram accounts, as well as access to special sample packs, masterclasses, gadgets, and patches.

The place for amazing tutorials

Once you sign up for the website, you will receive a free download of Michael James’ Maximiser, Rich NxT’s new sample pack, and Michael James’ first lesson on the platform, which concentrates on drums and percussion.

The Source has tutorials for both beginners and professionals, and each video is created by a well-known artist who shows and teaches his abilities step by step. These include Rossi, Burnski, Lauren Lo Sung, Giorgio Maulini, Djoko, Alexis Cabrera, and more.

The Source is a comprehensive page integrated with the tutorials you have been waiting for, and it has already been one year since its launch; we advise you to join up and enjoy the entire experience.


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Distilled Noise jamming with Digitakt

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Francesco Tegazzin more known as Distilled Noise an Italian producer born in 1991. He discovered in electronic music a method to freely express his musical taste while maintaining a connection to his old school blues and rock n’ roll roots. He strives to construct his style out of antique samples while keeping his pleasant feelings high.

Sharing his secret ingredients

Distilled Noise launched his YouTube channel a couple of years ago to share his journey into electronic music and recommendations for producers and it was then when he began to appreciate sharing tips and music with others.

He has used his website and YouTube channel to share, teach, and show us his creations, including equipment and devices for creating new music.

A Minimal House jam with Digitakt

Back in 2019 Distilled Noise released a video on his YouTube channel wherein he produced his first minimal house jam using solely Elektron’s Digitakt equipment.

Digitakt is one of the hottest sampler right now

Elektron’s Digitakt is a small sampling drum machine. It comes with everything you’ll need to get everyone flowing to the rhythm. A sampling capability, a live-friendly sequencer, dedicated tracks for controlling external MIDI gear, and Overbridge compatibility are all included in this digital and extremely adaptable sound engine.

Distilled Noise employed this machine to show us how he made his first minimal house jam,  how to managed the machine, and the creative process to be able to use it correctly.

Distilled Noise continues to show off his talent

On these days Distilled Noise continues to show us his inventions, evaluations of new equipment, how to utilize samples correctly, inspiration for new sounds, and his procedures to progress as a DJ on his YouTube channel.

Distilled Noise has proven to be a genius in the industry today, and his videos allow us to watch his progress every day.

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Distilled Noise
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Space Hybrids 02

Space Hybrids 02 is out now!

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This independent and promising label curated by Hypnoize presents us its second release with an astonishing and authentic EP containing 2 tracks produced by Ezaqui and a dancefloor bomb remix by Isaac Elejalde. What may catch your eye, in the beginning, is the representative cover art made by Santiago Taberna, who is becoming part of the label imprint with his interpretations of what our Space Hybrids stand for, getting his inspiration from the tracks from the label themselves.

Listen to Space Hybrids 02

The EP starts with “6 Capitulos” : An 11 minute trip that takes us to some dark corner of outer space, where our hybrids dance and communicate between themselves. The powerful bass of the track maintains its presence during the track, providing it with its darkest color.

Lector Nocturno is the second track of the release, getting much groovier and dance-floor friendly, but keeping the dark vibe that is so characteristic from Ezaqui.

Last but not least, the final track of the second release is an amazing Deep House reinterpretation of Lector Nocturno made by Isaac Elejalde, which maintains a minimalist hypnotic vibe but getting closer to House and a warmer atmosphere.

In conclusion

Space Hybrids is a music label that is looking forward to keep on delighting you with cutting-edge sounds. Keep an eye on them, more releases are coming soon, and download their catalog available at Space Hybrids‘ Bandcamp!

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