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Alexis Cabrera is well known for his fantastic performances, releases, and now for his music production classes, which have helped hundreds of new and upcoming music producers.

His path in the music industry

Alexis Cabrera went from Argentina to Europe at the age of 32 and quickly established himself behind the boards of the world’s top dance clubs. His musical career started when he was seven years old when he began training at the Buenos Aires Conservatory for seven years. Alexis has demonstrated exceptional style, particularly in live shows, during the previous few years.

After the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, he reinvented himself, and thanks to his successful trajectory, Alexis sought to share his skills with as many people as possible. Alexis’ online lessons assist producers in overcoming frequent errors in music production and encourages them in turning their ideas into great music.

Raise the bar on your music production with Alexis

The first choice of his online classes focuses on equipping producers with the necessary methods to improve their compositions and put all their ideas into action.

The second choice of his online lessons focuses on selecting a subject that corresponds to the musical style they desire to pursue (Creativity, Mixing Engineering, Mastering, Effects, Arrangement, Sampling, Modular systems). The course’s concentration is on arranging, writing, and mixing.

Alexis courses are a no-brainer for any upcoming producer that wants to enhance their abilities and learn useful tips for producing better music. For those who cannot afford the courses, he uploads some tips and lessons on his YouTube channel.

Learn more about his courses at HelloMusic by Alexis Cabrera.

Links of interest

Alexis Cabrera
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