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Camiel Daamen is a DJ, producer, live performer, and Ableton Certified teacher who runs the instructional portal Lessons in Live. It’s a place where you may learn and master your skills at producing electronic music using Ableton Live.

Lessons in Live is a platform dedicated to providing free electronic musical training; the YouTube channel was founded three years ago to provide Ableton Live courses. Camiel’s expertise as an Ableton Certified Trainer, along with a 20-year artistic career, has led to the recognition of his Lessons in Live forum in the community.

Camiel Daamen is well-known for his live performances. Versatile, typically heavy on the rhythm, with loads of percussive and jazzy elements thrown in for good measure.

His sound is difficult to pin down since he can make house rhythms as easily as techno bangers or dub soundscapes. His varied tone, as well as his personality, allows him to be happy or sad, driving or soothing.

Tracks like these have obviously drawn a lot of attention to Camiel, and as a result, he is an increasingly in-demand live and DJ act, having initially sharpened his fangs on the Dutch scene. Now he can be found performing around Europe in Germany, England, Malta, Ibiza, and Poland, frequently weaving together performances comprised mainly of his unique productions.

Camiel offers educational instructions for Lessons in Live and hosts weekly live streaming with experienced musicians. In addition to these events, he conducts his Electronic Music Courses, where he motivates both starting and expert artists to create more music.

Dive in Live is one of the brief tutorials available on his YouTube channel; each Dive In Live video is a mini-course of 5 to 10 minutes in which Camiel explains tactics and procedures of electronic music production.

Every chapter is straightforward on the selected topic, Camiel illustrates and educates us on the production processes throughout each minute, as well as the creative process via each of the videos.

We may also watch weekly one-hour live lessons with special guests such as Trippin Jaguar, DJOKO, Close to Customn Luna Ludmila, Fyrone, and others on Dive in Live.

We suggest Lessons of Live and all of his free YouTube videos, as well as Camiel, paid courses on his website, which include Private Lessons, Online Focused Beginners Course, Online Inspiring Advanced Course, and more.

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