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Rubber Ducky Records opens again after the unfortunate sinking last April. In that incident, the store lost over 1,000 vinyl records and invaluable music equipment.

Myles Greenwood, the passionate owner of Rubber Ducky Records, took to Instagram to express his overwhelming gratitude for the outpouring of support and generosity received during the challenging times. “I am unbelievably thankful for all the support and generosity since the sinking, whether it was a heartfelt message, a GoFundMe donation, or a comforting hug. Thank you so much; humanity truly is incredible,” he shared with his followers.

Now, with joyous anticipation, Greenwood announced that RUBBER DUCKY RECORDS IS OPEN AGAIN! What a crazy journey.” The resilience of the store is a testament to the unwavering support it has garnered from the community.

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The canal boat now boasts an expanded collection of over 3,000 records, spanning a rich tapestry of genres. From House to Techno, Electro to Acid, Tech House to Trance, Progressive to Minimal, UKG to Drum ‘n’ Bass, Breaks to Disco, and even Donk – there’s a sonic adventure awaiting every music enthusiast.

Bookings for this musical haven are available now. Check the website here, to explore available slots that fits your schedule. With two people per listening station, larger groups are encouraged to book both decks. Take your time to savor the tunes, but also be mindful of others sharing in the auditory experience.

Rubber Ducky Records is not just a store; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of music lovers and the power of community support. Join in the celebration of music, resilience, and the incredible journey of this cozy store.

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