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ADE 2023 is just around the corner, and this year promises something truly extraordinary as three underground music collectives come together for a one-of-a-kind showcase. On Sunday, the 22nd of October, Kraft und Licht, Rings of Neptune, and Seekers will unite for a 12-hour Sunday matinée at De Sering as part of the official ADE circuit.

An unforgettable line-up

The event boasts an impressive lineup featuring some of the most prominent artists in the European underground scene:

  • Alex Picone b2b Desyn (Seekers)
  • Cleymoore b2b Rubi (Rings of Neptune)
  • Dj Merlin (Kraft und Licht)
  • Iggy P (Kraft und Licht)
  • Penelope (Rings of Neptune)

Discover De Sering

De Sering, the chosen venue, provides an intimate and creative space that encourages collaboration among various labels, artists, and collectives. Beyond the music, De Sering offers the People’s Kitchen, TestTafel, an experimental restaurant, and the Subcult coffee pop-up.

A fusion of creativity

Kraft und Licht, an Amsterdam-based collective, is deeply rooted in the local nightlife scene and is known for its dedication to supporting the industry. Iggy P and DJ Merlin, both integral parts of Kraft und Licht, are set to represent their collective at De Sering.

Rings of Neptune, the boutique artist agency with branches in Groningen, Paris, and Berlin, has evolved from a collaboration between Rotate and Pluie/Noir into an independent label, artist management agency, and music publishing house. Cleymoore and Rubi, resident DJs and visual curators, will showcase their eclectic talents, along with French DJ Penelope.

Seekers, an acclaimed vinyl-only label based in Barcelona, has earned a cult status among vinyl purists. Label manager Alex Picone, along with the expressive DJ Desyn, will be there to represent Seekers at De Sering.

A unique collaboration

This showcase brings together three collectives with a shared passion for underground music. The 12-hour event from 1 PM to 1 AM is a testament to the unique opportunities ADE creates, allowing for exceptional line-ups and intimate venues. De Sering, with its limited capacity of 275, ensures an up-close and personal experience with the artists.

Get ready for a remarkable blend of international influences and the finest talents in Europe. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical journey. Limited tickets are available, so secure yours in advance and be part of the magic at ADE 2023!

Buy your tickets here and join a day of musical exploration you won’t soon forget.

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Author Isaac Elejalde

Born in Maracaibo and based in Berlin, Isaac Elejalde established himself as one of the most prolific producers on the Venezuelan scene today.

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