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Hard Wax relocates between Tresor and Ohm soon. The record store’s exciting new location will be nestled within the vibrant Kraftwerk building complex. The highly anticipated move is scheduled for October 30.

The reason behind the move

This decision to relocate stems from the redevelopment plans for the store’s current Paul-Lincke-Ufer location. As reported by Resident Advisor, the entire building, which has historically been home to a plethora of creative businesses, including the revered cutting house and audio mastering studio, Dubplates & Mastering (D&M), is on the brink of transformation into luxury apartments.

A storied legacy

Hard Wax boasts a storied history dating back to its inception in 1989 by Ernestus, a member of Rhythm & Sound, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Initially, the store’s focus was on soul, funk, and reggae, but it quickly evolved into a mecca for house and techno records in Berlin.

What truly sets Hard Wax apart is its unique American connection. Ernestus embarked on periodic visits to American warehouses brimming with coveted records that eluded traditional distribution channels. This imported treasure trove significantly contributed to the store’s legendary status.

Further boosting the store’s success, Boris Dolinski, a record collector with an extensive understanding of house music, played a pivotal role. His knowledge shaped Hard Wax’s dealings with labels, producers, and distributors, ultimately leading to the stocking of records known primarily through word of mouth.

A new chapter begins

From its humble beginnings, Hard Wax steadily grew in influence and reputation, solidifying its position as a pillar of the Berlin music scene. The store’s journey now continues in the vibrant heart of Berlin’s electronic music culture, alongside other iconic institutions like Tresor.

The transition to Kraftwerk, positioned strategically between Tresor and OHM, signifies the enduring spirit of Hard Wax. As one chapter closes and another begins, the store remains an integral part of Berlin’s rich musical history.

The impending transition, scheduled for October 30. Marking the beginning of an exciting new phase for Hard Wax within the thriving Berlin hub of electronic music culture.

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