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For those who are not familiar with Universal Audio, they are commonly referred to as UA, is a renowned audio hardware and software company with a strong presence in the music production and recording industry. Specializing in high-quality audio interfaces, DSP accelerators, and analog modeling plugins, Universal Audio has gained a reputation for its exceptional products.

Universal Audio UAD Bundles

Some of the most notable Universal Audio UAD Bundles are:

UAD Creative Edition

Perfect for modern artists, producers, and beatmakers, the UAD Creative Edition puts album-ready instruments and effects into your DAW — no UA hardware required.

UAD Mix Edition

Designed for producers and engineers who live for genuine analog sound, the UAD Mix Edition gives you the world’s most authentic plug‑in emulations of classic studio gear. From classic compressors, channel strips, eq, tape to reverbs, delays and modulation, they got you covered.

UAD Diamond Edition

Their flagship collection of native plug-ins for producers, engineers, and creatives of all types, the UAD Diamond Edition gives you the timeless analog sound of iconic studio gear and musical instruments.

Ultimate 11

Get every UA-developed plug-in with Ultimate 11 and create with the deepest collection of award‑winning UAD titles, crafted by the leaders in analog hardware and instrument emulation.

Best plugins by Universal Audio included in bundles

If I had to choose just one plugin from UAD, this would be it. It’s a mainstay on my drum buss and other sub-aux tracks. It can also really warm up a master buss and is excellent on lead vocals and close-miked drums.

Studer A800

It’s a constant fixture on my drum buss and various sub-aux tracks. Moreover, it has the ability to significantly enhance a master buss, making it an exceptional choice for lead vocals and tightly miked drums. The versatility of this plugin is astounding, offering a wide array of tonal options. It functions like an EQ, compressor, saturator, and signal enhancer all rolled into one remarkable tool.

Neve 33609

This compressor, faithfully modeling the legendary Neve hardware, is a staple in my toolkit for kick, snare, drum buss, and master buss processing. If you seek a means to effortlessly blend multiple sources and inject instant excitement without compromising dynamic range, look no further.

Neve 1073

Add depth, clarity and bite to vocals with this EQ. The 1073 can achieve all of it and more. It’s super smooth and adds character to pretty much anything.


Manley Massive Passive

The original hardware unit is one of the most widely used equalizers in mastering. You can add a generous amount of 12 or 16 kHz to the two-buss and you’ll see why.

Harrison 32C

A well-rounded equalizer. Intuitive and easy to use, but also full of character and interesting tones for vocals and synths.


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