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Line is a new hardware extension module for Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z synthesizer.

The line module is intended to bring in and out external audio signals from your OP–Z. It adds a stereo line input and a second stereo line output to the machine, as well as MIDI, trig, and PO sync input and output, similar to oplab.


Reasons to get the Line module for the OPZ

  • Line in may be used to add external audio sources to your mix, while line out can be used as a second stereo output within OP–Z.
  • Individual songs may be routed to the module output rather than the main mix to isolate and process them, or effect loops can be created using your favorite effect pedals. You can choose between mono and stereo streams based on your needs.
  • The output may also be utilized for headphones cueing your songs before sending them to the main mix.

According to TE, the new Line module will be ready in Spring 2022. Pricing will be revealed later.

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