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Lemondrop Granular is a four-voice polyphonic sound made up of two granulators and a single oscillator. Two multimode filters, two envelopes, and two LFOs are packed inside the brightly colored box to get things going in that sweeping, scanning manner people like to mistreat granulated waveforms. There’s also a modulator sequencing and two effects sections, one for modulation style and the other for delay and reverb, for a total of six effects.

Lemondrop comes with 100 presets and a microSD card containing wave files. There is a line output and input, a clock input, and a MIDI in/out minijack for connections. A USB-C port provides power.

Wavetable Fireball

With two wavetables and an extra oscillator, this cherry bomb of a box can produce up to 8 notes of polyphony. The filter, envelope, and LFO configurations are the same as on the Lemondrop, as is the modulation sequencer.

Fireball includes the same effects, connectors, and settings engine as Fireball, as well as a microSD card for wave files. I believe you’ll find they’re very similar in form and function.

The touchscreen interface that 1010Music likes to plaster on the front of their gadgets take us to this point. It is quite feasible to explore the complexity of both granular and wavetable synthesis using a nicely designed menu system, two encoders, and a few buttons.

Many settings may be swiped about with your fingertips to provide some pleasant interactivity. You can always connect a MIDI controller if you want a more believable hardware experience.

These look fantastic in a grab-and-go, lively and fruity way. The display looks great, but how much fun it is to program remains to be seen. They certainly have a little toy-like appearance, but that is not reflected in the €449 price tag.

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Author Isaac Elejalde

Born in Maracaibo and based in Berlin, Isaac Elejalde established himself as one of the most prolific producers on the Venezuelan scene today.

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