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Soundgas Auctions next edition is coming this September 27th. The UK-based company, prepares to host an auction featuring over 200 rare and intriguing electronic musical instruments. This auction will showcase a diverse collection of audio equipment and synthesizers sourced from private owners and various businesses. Among the standout items up for grabs are a pristine reissue of the Moog System 35, a Buchla Skylab, a TR-808, and an E-mu SP1200.

For those looking for more budget-friendly options, the auction also includes analog mixers, effects units, and modular gear. Furthermore, you can acquire instruments in need of restoration at a more budget-friendly price.

Participating in the auction requires registration, which can be done for a €3 fee or a 3 percent premium in case of a successful bid. Opting for the flat fee is advisable if you plan to bid actively. Additionally, all winning bids will be subject to an extra 18 percent buyer’s fee, and depending on your location, a 20 percent VAT may also apply. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly review all associated fees before placing any bids. More items and details will continue to be added to the catalogue leading up to the auction date. For more information you can read their FAQ page here.

The auction will start at 5 PM CET on Wednesday, September 27th. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to acquire rare and sought-after electronic musical instruments.

About Soundgas Auctions

Soundgas, a premier destination for music enthusiasts and collectors, specializes in vintage recording gear. Located in Derbyshire Dales, their team’s expertise is respected globally. Over a decade, they evolved into a hub for “Vintage Gear That Works” due to their commitment to customer service and meticulous attention to treasures.

Their team, including Declan Kitts and Dominic ‘Gid’ Sutton, brings vast experience from the vintage gear market and online retail, working closely with the esteemed Soundgas tech department led by technician James Walker. Together, they offer vintage gear enthusiasts an exceptional experience.

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