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There are several DJs and producers who stand out in the electronic music industry, and this time we have a newcomer DJ who has been standing out with his abilities, skills and sounds, Gustavo Fridman, who is the first one to get interviewed in our new segment in our blog.

Gustavo Fridman is a DJ and music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is influenced by the Romanian minimal wave and has a sound around Microhouse, Minimal House, and Breaks.

Hey! How are you doing, and how has the year been so far?

Hello! I am very well, thanks. In 2021, I have been committed to my musical productions. I worked at home all year long to Ableton live with new music releases for Dub Culture, Borderline Black, Sous-Vide Records, and Rhizome Records. Also, I recorded various podcasts that were well received.

When did you become interested in electronic music?

I became interested in electronic music at 17 years old, organizing parties when I lived in Formosa, Argentina.

How did you become interested in the music style you specialize in?

I like the musical styles “Microhouse – Minimal House” because I was trying different electronic styles and came to the conclusion that these genres that are of Romanian origin generate a deeper connection with myself when I produce using Ableton live and play in my DJ sets.

How has your music releases progressed over time? From when you started to the present day.

I started producing music at the beginning of the year 2018, at the end of that year I released my first EP “Pacino” for the Psicodelica label (Bogota, Colombia) with my colleagues Leo Portela and Ronan Portela. From that moment I started to edit music for Tip Tap Records (Granada, Spain), The Pool House (Chicago, USA), Samani (Berlin, Germany), Music Out of Time. (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Lunar Music (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Welter Records (Romania), Dub Culture (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Borderline Black (Playa del Carmen, Mexico).

How is the recording time? Do you have any kind of steps or organization before recording?

My recording time per track to finish it well is about 1 month. Before I start recording I like to meditate on the breathing process and have my time to talk to God to reflect on what I am going to work on, giving me strength so that my work turns out positive.

Which of your projects are you the most grateful of? Are there any that truly stick out?

My projects that most liked and stood out the most were:

  • Leo Portela, Gustavo Fridman – Timex (Musica Lunar)
  • Gustavo Fridman – Cobixa (Borderline Black)
  • Pacino EP – Leo Portela, Gustavo Fridman, Ronan Portela (Psicodelica)

What has been your favorite gig? Could you tell us more about it?

My favorite gig was the one I participated in on March 6, 2020 where I played at closing time on a terrace of Carnal Resto Bar Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What are your biggest aspirations with your music?

My greatest aspiration with my music is to be able to play in the big events that take place in Romania.

Where did you learn your music skills?

My skills with music production are learned from my colleague and friend Leo Portela at Portela Studio, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Do you have new music soon to be released?

Yes, I do have upcoming releases on the labels Sous-Vide Records (Norway) and Rhizome Records (Seattle, United States).

Listen to Gustavo Fridman on Intaresu Podcast

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Born in Maracaibo and based in Berlin, Isaac Elejalde established himself as one of the most prolific producers on the Venezuelan scene today.

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