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A new series developed by Alexis Cabrera

‘Why is this track is a bomb?’ is Alexis’s new project. Alexis artist exposes tunes that have been raised to a level that distinguishes them as a bomb.  Alexis and his highly tuned skills will analyze one music every episode, dissecting each piece of the track, the production techniques employed and finding that killer portion of the track that gives suckers goosebumps.

Alexis Cabrera’s distinctive sound is the bomb

Alexis Cabrera became in the music industry with self-taught techniques and began playing digital music at an early age. The Argentine artist already had seven years of conservatory experience under his belt, and it was this blend of influences that would shape his musical identity.

Cabrera’s signature sound is house and tech house with a lot of rhythms, which highlights his live performances, which are always live, and spectacular.

The complexity and musical expertise that Alexis has had at his disposal are what makes this youtube series from his production company so remarkable. His ability to recognize any sample in all these tunes, replicate each synth sound, and describe chord progression and note theory is remarkable.

Alexis’s production youtube series is noteworthy

In his most recent episode, Alexis analyzes the bomb track ‘Escandalo’ by Chic Miniature, a duo formed by Ernesto Ferreyra of Argentina and Guillaume Coutu Dumont of Canada. Alexis analyzes the track with the entire project of the theme and uses all of his methodologies to guide us and show us why this track is a bomb.

Alexis is a musical genius who teaches us the jewels of music through his YouTube series and his music production classes for all levels.

According to his Patreon subscription and music production courses, Alexis Cabrera is a fantastic artist today, and his YouTube series adds a lengthy list of amazing things Alexis has done throughout his career.

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