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WarmUp.Berlin is a platform created by Isabelle Besse that consists of individuals who have inspired, formed, and changed the electronic music scene. DJs, creators, club owners, producers, and others who have contributed to the revolution and evolution of music are among the guests on the show.

A strong passion for music

Isabelle Besse is the creator and mastermind of WarmUp.Berlin, she’s also the founder of Belisa Booking Agency. Her music career began in 2011 with the Cocoon, where she continued to work with Cocoon Recordings in Frankfurt.  She additionally worked at cosmopop in Mannheim, where she obtained valuable expertise and knowledge in the organization of large festivals including Time Warp, Love Family Park, and Sonus Festival.

“Music is the universal language, but where does it come from and how did it originate?”  This is WarmUp.Berlin’s fundamental idea, which is to explain and include electronic music fans to comprehend and experience the compositions behind the beats we hear every day from a new perspective.

A new different show

WarmUp.Berlin is divided into two segments. The first half is an interview with the special guest, wherein they discuss their musical experiences, everyday lives, objectives, and the careers they have built over the course of their lives.

First Episode

Chris Rehberger, the founder, and designer of Vinyl Label Perlon was the show’s first guest. Chris has a great backstory. Starting from Germany, he spent the 1990s in London and Manchester, which influenced his increased interest in various communities and music.

During the interview, Chris discusses his background in design as well as his musical tastes and how they have influenced him over the years. Living in many locations across Europe piqued his curiosity and enthusiasm for music, allowing him to develop a broad range of musical tastes.

Second Episode

Mike Shannon, one of North America’s most well-known techno and house DJs, is the program’s second special guest. Mike is well-known as one of the core protagonists in Canada’s burgeoning electronic music scene, with over 10 years of DJ expertise.

Mike recounts his musical journey from the beginning to the present. Mike’s music choices and knowledge in mixing and generating new songs reveal a distinct side of him.

Latest Episode

Around 30 years ago, Gregor Kraemer relocated to Berlin. With his arrival, he changed the city’s musical scene into what it is now, and 20 years ago, he founded Club the Visionäre, a cultural and musical cult place among worldwide musicians and music fans.

Gregor is the third guest on WarmUp Berlin, and he shows us a fresh perspective of how music transforms in clubs.

In conclusion

Visit WarmUp.Berlin’s YouTube channel and subscribe to them to discover more about their new guests.

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