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Night clubs are presently prohibited in Berlin due to the spread of the Coronavirus. The club scene has previously campaigned for vaccination and planned events such as the “long night of immunization” in the summer.

• The Berlin Club Commission has proposed that the present dancing ban be replaced with obligatory PCR testing. “We need a long-term solution here so that we don’t bring our cultural life to a halt with each new wave,” said Pamela Schobess, head of the committee. “PCR testing provides security in this situation.”

• German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the 16 state premiers reached an agreement to close all nightclubs by New Year’s Eve. Previously, clubs were only required to close in areas with high Covid-19 instances. Private meetings will also be limited to a maximum of ten persons who have been vaccinated.

• From January 3rd to 9th, the Berlin venues Sage Beach, Klunkerkranich, Mensch Meier, and /about blank will serve as temporary Covid-19 immunization centers. More information may be found here.

• The Nachtdigital team announced last week that their most recent event, NACHTIVILLE, had been postponed for the second year in a row. It has yet to occur in its new site in northern Germany.

Author Isaac Elejalde

Born in Maracaibo and based in Berlin, Isaac Elejalde established himself as one of the most prolific producers on the Venezuelan scene today.

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