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The new electric piano will have a compressor, delay, and chorus.

Rhodes has been revealing a bit more about its new MK8 electric piano, giving us plenty to be excited about but holding a few ‘essential’ secrets (pun intended) close to its breast.



Those paying careful attention may have noticed that the MK8’s keyboard will be manufactured by Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH, a subsidiary of the Steinway group. This is touted to provide “unrivaled expressiveness and a subtle piano-like feel.”

We just discovered that the inbuilt preamp features a three-band EQ with wah on the mid-band, as well as a vari-pan that affects the audio rate. There are two expression pedal inputs for foot control.

So far, so good, but we can now confirm that the MK8’s analog effect section will have a VCA compressor, as well as BBD chorus and delay effects. There is also genuine bypass.

The most important of the remaining concerns are those involving cost and availability. We have the feeling that this is a no-compromise project, and we suspect that this will be reflected in the price. We don’t anticipate the MK8 to be released any time soon.

Oh, and hearing the MK8 would be fantastic.

The Rhodes website will keep you up to date.

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