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Gene on Earth

Aimi Showcases Gene On Earth’s AI-Powered Music Experience

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Gene on Earth presents us with a new way to listen and appreciate your music through the artificial intelligence platform Aimi.

Listeners may get fresh new Experiences of wholly unique, unpublished content from Gene On Earth (Nuggin’ It Up) on AI-powered music platform Aimi.

AiMi is a new music listening platform that offers a unique experience

AiMi is a game-changing innovation in generative music that will transform how the art form is generated, consumed, and eventually commercialized.

The website offers an infinite number of immersive compositions created by artists, driven by artificial intelligence, and shaped by the mood of each user. Aimi provides a new type of listening experience for electronic music listeners, one that is adaptive and ever-evolving.

Each Experience is developed by the artist, continually organized by Aimi’s AI, and shaped by the individual mood of the listener. It contains at least an album’s worth of sounds, ideas, and musical themes presented as one infinite, constantly-evolving piece.

Fans can access these listening experiences from Dauwd, Gene On Earth, Tensnake, Steffi, Roska, Soul Clap, Cassy, Catz ‘n Dogz, Appleblim, Shanti Celest, and more DJs. The music community is embracing artificial intelligence to create and present their work like never before through premium tier Aimi+, which is currently available for free on mobile app stores for a limited time.

We encourage you to subscribe and listen to new music from your favorite DJs, particularly Gene on Earth’s latest mix.

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Improve your music skills with Gene On Earth’s masterclass

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Gene on Earth has emerged with one fantastic idea, a never-before-seen deep-dive look at his creative process and make it a Masterclass.

Gene’s ‘Nuggets – The Blueprint’ tutorial course provides unequaled access to an artist at the top of his profession, and he has lots of pearls of knowledge to impart.

Gene On Earth takes you behind the scenes of his studio to show you how he makes his renowned Limousine Dream nuggets every year. He teaches you everything from digging techniques to his process with samples and soft synthesizers, as well as a variety of methods to obtain the right arrangement.

This course presupposes a basic understanding of Ableton and electronic music production principles (for example, what an EQ does, how to work with MIDI notes, and things on that level).

This is a thorough Ableton lesson that covers all aspects of Gene’s music-making process. You will learn the following from it: How he completes every track he starts, employs all of the technical and musical skills he employs in his tracks, and some strategies for success both inside and outside the studio. Each procedure in the course addresses the stages involved in the effective development of electronic music.

In this way, the course may be used by both beginners and pros, when the student can follow the introduction and additional videos, they will have the knowledge needed to use Ableton correctly.

The course lasts for 5 hours and 30 minutes and consists of 13 videos that Gene explains in-depth, as well as instructions on how to make a good track with your habilities.

We recommend you check it out here to improve your music producing skills.

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Planet Pleasure taking place this Thursday at Revier Südost

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Since its unfortunate closure, the particular place once known as Griessmuehle has developed into what is now known as Revier Südost, bringing with it the advent of a brand-new party to Berlin.

Planet Pleasure’s former incarnation was world-renowned for weekend-long debauched parties featuring some of the world’s finest musicians, and Planet Pleasure is ready to continue this legacy.

Planet Pleasure, which will take place on Thursdays exclusively, will have its inaugural edition on August 19th, and the first musical adventure is jam-packed with stars. The prolonged session will begin in the early evening and will not conclude until 12 hours later.

House and techno legends such as mistress Anthea, German house maestro Djoko, who will perform b2b with Thalo Santana, vibe machine Gene on Earth, Thabo, and minimal queen Vera will provide the soundtrack to the enormous mature playground. These may be Planet Pleasure’s inaugural event, but with lineups like this and a location like Revier Südost, we’re confident it’ll be a great success with Berlin’s untapped potential.

You can find out more about the event on Facebook and buy tickets here.

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Planet Pleasure

Hide&Seek present Life in Colour with an outstanding lineup for September 4th

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The attendance of this year’s long-awaited Hide&Seek Festival has been increased in light of the recent lockdown lifting. More tickets are now available for this most sophisticated of gatherings on September 4th, and they are selling quickly.

It all takes place in the magnificent surroundings of Cheshire’s Capesthorne Hall, which is poised to come alive under the innovative and soul-enriching theme of ‘Life in Colour,’ with a plethora of extra-special designs and production to match the world-class roster of performers.

Apollonia, Black Loops, Dam Swindle, Gene on Earth, Jeremy Underground, Ingi Visions, KRN, Raresh, Sonja Moonear, Spokenn, The Ghost, VOIGT.MAS, Youandewan, Josh Baker, Sugar-Free, Sweely, and more headlined this spectacular festival.

The event curator

Josh Baker is a young and powerful Manchester artist who has made a major impression with tracks on LOCUS and Automatic Writing, DJ sets throughout the world, and now Hide&Seek Festival. Furthermore, Josh Baker is curating the entire event.

Life In Color by Hide&Seek is here to breathe fresh vitality and multi-sensory experiences into the environment. After what has been a black and white time in our lives, it will allow individuals to fully express themselves. It’s time to celebrate by dancing, reconnecting, laughing, and falling in love. It’s time to look at life through a new perspective as Hide&Seek tells a narrative that will last a lifetime.

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