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Behringer presents a new modified version of their TD-3

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With a wicked adjusted version of their TD-3 bassline synth, Behringer takes it to a whole new level.

Behringer’s latest activities have a surreal quality to them. It first unveiled a ‘new’ MKII version of their RD-8 drum machine, which is, obviously, a clone of Roland’s TR-808, and now the TD-3-MO, a modded-out version of the company’s TD-3 bassline synth.

This model has an even stranger background; it’s a second-generation TD-3 (a reboot of Roland’s TB-303 bassline synth) that looks to be based on Robin Whittle’s tricked-out Devil Fish 303. As a result, you might call it an updated replica that was also influenced by a prior mod project.

For more information on the new features, watch the video above or visit the Behringer website. The TD-3-MO will be available for $199 in silver and yellow. It is believed to be in the process of being sent.

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Behringer’s UB-Xa Oberheim synth is nearly done

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Behringer’s UB-Xa, a redesign of the Oberheim OX-Xa, was “almost ready”.¬† Behringer has subsequently declared that the design is finished and that beta testing for the synth has ended, indicating that progress has been achieved.

The UB-Xa has been in development for three years and was designed to be a direct replica of the OB-Xa at first but changed in the process. As a result, it has evolved into “a monstrous synthesizer with several capabilities and sound choices,” according to Behringer.

Behringer shows us their new synthesizer in the video below, so you can get a sense of what to anticipate.

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