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L.E.T Zurich celebrates a decade with a 25-track compilation

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In celebration of their tenth anniversary, L.E.T Zurich is going all out. With each passing year, more releases have crept in, and the family of artists continues to grow. Announcing a twenty-five-track digital release.

In addition to past party visitors, a host of newcomers join the production team for a bold and stunning endeavor. On this occasion, the Swiss label has a reason to celebrate. With the Bandcamp exclusive, you’ll get a wide variety of sounds, all centered on the deep flowing feelings of minimal techno.

Alci, Cesar Merveille, Varhat, and Tolga Top all bring the groove to the table. Basslines from Christian Schiemann and Olga Karol ramp up the pace, contrasting with Aron and Drea’s pared down tones.

Flavio and Topper provide lots of percussions, while Wareika and Skiclub Toggenburg bring in the odd and amazing. When LET005 premiered, the Swiss duet was highlighted. A grit-filled bassline and James McHale continue the journey.

The list goes on… Here are a few more tracks for you to enjoy as we celebrate the life of a label that has just surpassed itself. From the 6th of September, you may purchase the compilation on Bandcamp. You may order it now.

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Caprices Festival will have its 2021 edition in September

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Several days were spared when Caprices Festival revealed its plans for 2021. The schedule was set for two weekends in each of April and September. Despite needing to be reduced in size, the 2020 edition had been far too enjoyable.

This September, the event will be back and better than ever. It’s already a really attractive lineup. Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano return to the stage together, providing a rare opportunity to watch the dynamic duo in action. Guy Gerber, Nicolas Duvoisin, Cesar Merveille B2B ALCI, Mathew Jonson LIVE . The traditional suspects, those that are well familiar with the festival audience.

The second lineup of artists increases attractiveness. Picnic Records hosts Francesco Del Garda, Andy Luff, and Margaret Dygas, who contribute infusions of deep, house, and minimal in the festival. And that’s just for the weekend.

The lineup is, as always, spot on. This time around, it may be even more spectacular. The setting is still beautiful, and the prospect of returning to the top of those hills is just enticing.

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