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Revier Südost, a Berlin nightclub, shut down last weekend to “completely concentrate on analyzing and addressing” charges of racism, homophobia, and violent behavior leveled against members of its staff.

The club issued a message on social media explaining their choice. “We aim to reopen our club shortly,” it says, “but please understand we may need some time.”

The ruling comes after a recent flood of complaints from partygoers, spurred by a tweet by ballet dancer and campaigner Nicholas Rose earlier this week. Rose claims bouncers at the SYNOID party last Sunday of being racist, homophobic, and too aggressive in the post.


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As Rose said: “I will not accept any racism or homophobia or hypermasculine vibe, and neither should you!” “Pain is real to me. In Berlin and beyond, I won’t give up. There is no doubt in my mind!”

Individuals describe similar events at Revier Südost, which is operated by the same people who ran the old Neukölln venue Griessmuehle, in the comments below Rose’s Instagram post. Resident Advisor has met with a few of these individuals and will report on their experiences in further detail next week. Several artists have already withdrawn from forthcoming shows at Revier Südost, including Zine Fair Berlin and the Dusseldorf International Film Festival.

Revier Südost’s complete statement may be found here.


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