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Raves And Riots is a photography show commemorating the free party culture in Europe around 1990 and 2004 is currently on display in London.

This is Vinca Petersen’s first solo exhibition, which runs till July 30th at the Edel Assanti Gallery. As a member of the free party and traveler communities, she photographed all sides of the society: raves and itinerant lifestyles, as well as riots and police encounters.

Petersen’s work is both an archive of techno-fueled raves and the lives of the travelers who organized them, as well as a creative response to breaking down barriers between individuals.

Raves and Riots encompass the ambition, connections, and conflicts of an ambitious group cultivating a life outside traditional systems of organization, control, and hierarchy, transcending the exhilaration of fleeting moments that characterized the era.

Petersen’s art has been displayed at Tate Modern, Turner Contemporary, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in Dundee, and the Victoria and Albert Museum owns her work.

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