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The lakeside venue in Berlin has been unable to stage music events in recent weeks.

Local officials have banned the open-air facility, which is located near the Plötzensee in Wedding, from organizing musical and cultural events since late July.

“Due to unclarity in rules and violated promises from the local district, Plötze has been prevented from offering any sort of cultural program that incorporates music throughout the previous weeks,” the Plötze team said in a statement this week. After months of back and forth, there is now clarity: Culture at the Plötze will take place, and dancing, even if only on one leg, will be authorized once more.


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No live instruments would perform within the venue under the new arrangement negotiated with the authorities, resulting in the cancellation of all scheduled live band performances.

A condition of the deal is that capacity limitations will be in place for future events, which will resume this weekend. On Sunday, August 15th, Plötze’s schedule will resume with Sunshine Club, followed by an extended back-to-back performance between Francesco Del Garda and Saoirse on Saturday, August 21st.

The club’s complete statement may be seen here.

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