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The eagerly awaited Komplete Kontrol S MK3 series keyboard controllers are now officially on the market. Native Instruments has unveiled their latest iteration of the Komplete Kontrol S series, featuring a host of impressive upgrades including USB-C connectivity, polyphonic aftertouch, and a slew of other enhancements.

The new features

  • USB-C Connectivity
  • Polyphonic Aftertouch
  • Next-Generation NKS Implementation

Kontrol S MK3 variants

The Komplete Kontrol S MK3 series offers three keyboard sizes to choose from: 49 keys, 61 keys, and an 88-key variant with hammer-action keys. These all-new keybeds, developed in collaboration with Fatar, are designed to provide a superior playing experience. The most significant improvement is the addition of poly pressure support across all three variants, unlocking exciting performance possibilities with compatible software synthesizers and instruments.

Hardware overhaul

The hardware has undergone a complete redesign. All three new keyboards boast sleek unibody enclosures and feature large color screens seamlessly integrated beneath a glass surface. These generous screens replace the dual screens of their predecessors, delivering an enhanced editing experience. Complementing the screen are eight aluminum push encoders and an illuminated data encoder on the right. The pitch and modulation wheels are now constructed from machined metal, adding to the premium feel of these controllers. Moreover, the controllers have an RGB-illuminated ribbon for added versatility.

Continuing the legacy

The signature Lightguide, a standout feature of the Komplete Kontrol S series, remains an integral part of the new MK3 series. This strip of LEDs above each key is particularly useful when working with NKS-compatible software instruments, providing visual cues for split zones, color-coded key switches, and other valuable information.


In addition to USB-C and MIDI connectors, the new series offers four pedal inputs (sustain, expression, and two assignable pedals). These keyboards can be powered via USB-C bus power for added convenience.

Enhanced NKS implementation

With the launch of the new Komplete Kontrol S MK3 series, Native Instruments has also introduced a revamped version of NKS, offering even deeper control over NI Komplete and other compatible instruments. The keyboard allows you to browse preset libraries directly on the device, displaying parameter names and their respective controls, including toggle switches and dials. NKS now offers two modes: a streamlined Performance mode for quick parameter adjustments and an Edit mode with multiple pages of parameters for in-depth editing.

Price and availability

The NI Komplete Kontrol S MK3 series is available now, with prices set at:

  • €749 for the 49-key model.
  • €849 for the 61-key model.
  • €1,299 for the 88-key model.

Links of interest

Product page

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