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Italian musician Topper routinely releases next-level tracks via his Dead Rails persona, his band Triptease, or his pseudonym. Topper is a highly regarded and in-demand musician because of his sparkling rhythms, perfectly adjusted lighting effects, and skill for creating blasts of all kinds. With each new release, he adds to his amazing repertoire of abilities.

Working throughout the music world

Topper founded MTT Audio based on a significant body of work accumulated over many years of sound research, study, and experimentation. 

His Audio-MIDI Studio Concept is an illustration of this, as is his ability to assist you in creating the studio setup of your fantasies. Through his continual study, which originated at the world-renowned SAE Institute and culminated at the now-defunct Headroom Studio, he has created his studio, which is filled with modular racks, hardware synthesizers, and outboard effects.

Another alternative for the modern musician is to get help with the pre-production of your new live show using software like Ableton Live. This might include both the setup and execution of the backline as well as the preparation of the music for performance. To detail, all of the services accessible would take far longer than this essay, but Topper’s references are also impeccable.

Omar, tINI, Sleep Is Commercial, Club der Visionaere, XP, and Enrica Falqui are among his clientele.

Links of Interest

Topper/MTT Audio
Website | Souncloud| Facebook | Bandcamp


Author Isaac Elejalde

Born in Maracaibo and based in Berlin, Isaac Elejalde established himself as one of the most prolific producers on the Venezuelan scene today.

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