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The all-new Museum Of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) will open in Frankfurt in October.

The museum will pay respect to electronic music’s past while also looking into its development. With the succession of high-tech interactive activities and immersive storytelling, the multi-roomed, sensory-stimulating museum will link you to sound and light. It will contain meticulously selected displays of electronic music’s most famous events, musicians, billboards, icons, and artworks, so it will transport you to a digital century of experience.

Alex Azary’s vision

Director of MOMEN, Alex Azary was motivated by his long-time colleague, partner, and Technoclub founder Andreas “Talla” Tomalla, who suggested the first idea for the museum in 2011, is in charge of the museum. Technoclub was the first-ever weekly techno event in Frankfurt from 1984 and went on to be hosted at the legendary Dorian Gray, where Alex and Talla promoted it from 1987 until the 31st of December 2000. As a result, Azary is one of Frankfurt’s most prominent cultural campaigners.

In his hometown of Frankfurt, Alex Azary is one of the most prominent cultural campaigners. He is the ideal candidate to be the Director of the city’s fresh new MOMEM, called the Museum Of Modern Electronic Music since he is a passionate music fan, DJ, and producer who has had a big effect on the scene since the 1990s.

He is associated with pioneering national and worldwide campaigns, clubs, events, and enterprises, including Frankfurt cult clubs XS, Royal, Dorian Gray, Technoclub, Euphoria, Holy X Mas Rave, Frontpage Magazine, and AMV Distribution, in addition to being a DJ and Producer.


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A brand-new museum experience

MOMEM can be compared to a BlackBox, which serves as a global stage and open place for unrestricted creativity and interaction. Music is movement; it elicits feelings and emotions, and this will be conveyed in this one-of-a-kind setting.

It will have sections ranging from narrative to life experience, and it will be a location to gain a fresh viewpoint, experience unfamiliar moments, and establish new connections between various settings. It will mix rhythm and music, blur the lines between linear and modular fields of tension, and all of this will be supported by an underlying architecture that allows the entire experience to flow.

This features a modern design with crisp lines and high-tech visual features. It’s a multi-sensory environment that blends audio-visual activities.

The museum is separated into several spaces on the inside, including a Creator’s Stage with changeable furniture for varied settings, and The Spatial Sampler, which features a grid-lighting system that can be turned into a “hyperspace.” It features sound waves on the walls, a temporary stage for particular exhibitions, and a massive disco ball installation, as well as world-class sound installations and sonic architecture.

The exhibitions are introduced in the Inner Circle, and there are additional areas such as Sonic Welcome, Come Together, a Special Guest Area, a curated Museum Shop, and a Library with a richness of musical history and information.

MOMEM will honor and commemorate the significant cultural impact that electronic music has given to the globe over the last century.

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