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Kolter breaks down Search & Discover in this exclusive video for Thomann. He takes us through the journey of crafting a mesmerizing electro-infused masterpiece released on his own label, Koltrax.

Starting the beat

Kolter kicks off the video by guiding us through the inception of the track, sharing insights into his approach to the foundational elements. Starting with the heartbeat of any electronic track—the kick—he emphasizes the importance of a solid four-to-the-floor beat.

The top loop magic

Moving on to the top loop, Kolter introduces a compelling rhythm that transforms the ordinary kick into an engaging groove. He adeptly dissects the loop, highlighting the manipulation of the snare and creating subtle variations to maintain interest. The resulting 16-bar loop sets the stage for the track’s unique character.

Electrifying the bass

The bass takes center stage as Kolter employs the Diva VST to craft a distinctive electro-ish sound. He walks us through the process of infusing character into the bassline, adding variations to keep the listener engaged. The result is a dynamic interplay between the rhythmic top loop and the electrifying bass.

Creative vocals

One of the standout features of “Search and Discover” is the incorporation of synthesized vocal elements. Kolter introduces a sample that spell out the word “music” in a playful and captivating manner. To add his personal touch, Kolter delves into the world of vocoders, showcasing how he transforms his own voice into a musical instrument. With a brief exploration of his vocals, Kolter demonstrates how he utilizes a vocoder to play notes instead of singing them. This technique adds a distinctive flavor to the track, allowing for a harmonious blend of synthesized vocals and melodic elements.

Synth elements

Kolter showcases his prowess in synth manipulation, revealing the strategic use of pads, leads, and atmospheric effects. From laser-like sounds to reverse pads and synth stabs, he builds a rich sonic landscape that complements the core elements of the track.

Diving into synth selection

Amping up the sonic palette, Kolter introduces big synths using the Diva VST. While expressing a desire to explore new tools, he highlights how Diva provides the finishing touch, elevating the track to a melodic peak during the main break.

Guitars in the mix

Adding a touch of rock and metal influence, Kolter integrates guitar chops into the electronic landscape. He takes a raw guitar loop, chops it up in Ableton, and transforms it into a subtle yet impactful layer that enhances the overall atmosphere.

In conclusion

In this exclusive Thomann video, Kolter breaks down Search & Discover and takes us on a sonic journey. From meticulously selecting the right kick to infusing playful vocals and experimenting with diverse synths, Kolter showcases a blend of creativity and technical mastery. For more videos like this, subscribe to Thomann’s youtube channel.

Author Isaac Elejalde

Born in Maracaibo and based in Berlin, Isaac Elejalde established himself as one of the most prolific producers on the Venezuelan scene today.

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