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Ventriloc has officially started their label with their debut release comprising of four songs made by Modebak and Gabriele Mancino, and a pledge to offer a distinct dancefloor-oriented sound to the minimal genre.

Listen to VENTRILOC001

Track A1: The EP begins with this glitchy music that transports the listener on a mesmerizing voyage. The album’s beginning simply marks and demonstrates the artists’ new rhythms.

Track A2: Modebak created this track specifically for the dancefloor; its groove will have everyone moving their bodies to this dark minimalistic tune while being distracted by the ear candy on it.

Track B1: Gabriele Mancino created a minimal techno bomb that fits nicely in any tiny club environment, blowing the crowd’s heads with its bassline while the voice on it transports you to a meditative mood. That charm is in its simplicity, and we have high hopes for it to destroy dancefloors during peak hours.

Track B2: For the final track, Gabriele transports us into the night with a groovy piece with a vocoder on a vocal. That gradually forms a tale that may be understood as the conclusion or beginning of this album.

VENTRILOC001 with Modebakú & Gabriele Mancino is now available at,, and

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