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Dubler 2, the latest edition of the award-winning voice to MIDI standalone program that enables you authentically transform your speech to MIDI notes and drum patterns in real-time, has been published by software developer Vochlea.

The latest version, which is used by artists like Novelist and Portrait XO, allows you to use whatever microphone you choose and can be tuned to recognize your voice more precisely.

After you’ve set up your voice, you can use it to trigger a variety of features such as standard MIDI notes, chords, and scales, drums for beatboxing, as well as other unique features such as pitch bend that follows your voice, voice timbre plotted to three different CC outputs for creative modulation, and velocity and envelope mapping. You can use the official Dubler mic if you like, but you can use any input you want, using any soundcard.

If you aren’t the finest keyboard player in the world, or if you want to rapidly lay down ideas without plugging in your MIDI controllers, Dubler 2 is a wonderful method to develop a new interface that isn’t limited by skill level or instruments. To understand more, download the 7-day trial here and watch the video below.

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