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The gorgeous Rhodes MK8 customizer is now accessible to anyone who signed up, and the possibilities are fantastic, as is the pricing. This is a serious and lovely electric piano.

MK8 Rhodes Custom

You should have received a priority access link and password if you signed up to indicate interest in the new Rhodes Mk8. This grants you access to the Rhodes MK8 customizer, which allows you to modify your MK8 to your specific aesthetic needs. I had no idea there would be so many possibilities, from the color of the hood to the finish of the body to the style of the control panel.

Here are your choices:

  • Black, Gold Sparkle, Silver Sparkle, Violet, Baby Blue, Pink, Mint Turquoise, Khaki, Traffic White, Red, Orange, Warm Grey, and Smoked Transparent.
  • Bottom Shell: Black and Walnut.
  • Front Panel: Black and Silver FX Panel: None, Black and Silver Preamp Panel: None, Black and Silver Stand: None, Black and Silver

As you make your selections, you’ll see a rendered image of what it might look like, which you can download, print, and display on your wall as a reminder of this amazing instrument that you’ll probably never be able to purchase.

Pricing for high-end products

The base model costs £6,795 (£8,154 including VAT) and comes in all black, without the stand or FX panel. The most costly version costs £9,115 or £10,938 with VAT and includes the FX panel and stand, a translucent hood, and a walnut finish on the body.

The ordering procedure

If you signed up ahead of time, you may customize and order yours now with a 20% deposit. If not, you’ll have to wait until the website is open to the public on December 1st. The goal is to build 50 pianos each month, rising to 500 per year, and they will be constructed in Leeds by Rhodes’ talented and committed artisans. When it is your time, they will contact you to ensure that all of the specs are right.

Links of interest

Rhodes Piano
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