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Enhance and adorn your gear with these amazing custom knobs from Knob Knobs, which may give a new level to your knob-twiddling.

The knob is frequently our direct link to technology. It’s the thing with which we have the most interaction, the thing that shapes and sculpts our music and interprets our creativity. So why not make those knobs unique? It’s not just cool to look at; it’s also cool to engage with. Knob Knobs are all about texture, feeling, and how your fingers interpret and experience the turn. They also look fantastic.

Knob Knobs are creatures with a lot of complexity

There are several knob concepts in development, and more are being added all the time. We now cover the fundamentals with the “Colours” collection of vividly colored knob upgrades, followed by the “Bedazzles” which go out in a resin and glitter path. The “Crystalline” knobs go for more understated and elegant transparency. Then it gets more tactile, with two types of “TAU” knobs that seem like spikey jelly beans or crowns of bliss that want you to reach out and touch them. “Tropical Mica” is a somewhat different tact and weirdly particular where the colored stripes on the knobs perfectly match the capacitor values on Serge by Random Source’s Resonant Equalizer.

All custom knobs are made to order, and you may choose the color, size, shaft type, and knob knobs will contain adapters to ensure the correct fit to your pots. They range in price from €7 to €10 per knob, or you may pick a random knob from their bucket of ideas for €5.50. Buy yours at and start customizing your music gear as you need.

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