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Following Albania’s UNUM Festival’s past popularity, various European countries are preparing for the long-awaited return of parties and festivals. After the cancellation of most festivals and clubs in 2020 as a result of Covid-19, the events have chosen to return this year with all the appropriate security precautions in place, providing us with the concerts we were expecting.

A new experience

Festival In The Nature, which takes place in Barite, Maglizh, promises a unique experience in the forest, where the musical pleasures and the people around you will create a complete chapter of stories worth telling after everything is finished. The event is a wonderful escape from reality, with a mystical aura that has attracted a devoted following over the years.

The event runs from Friday, July 16th, through Sunday, July 18th, and there are camping sites available for those who wish to spend the night beneath the stars. The name, among other things, reflects a strong love and respect for the natural world around it. This is a well-deserving staple on the schedule for anyone who can make it to the mountain’s base. Buy the second release tickets at the official website.

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