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Behringer has released information on the development of the Syncussion drum synthesizer as well as issues with chip shortages. It appears like 2022 will be a sluggish year.

Behringer has updated their Facebook page with information on the progress of its Pearl Syncussion SY-1 clone. In July of last year, we first saw a prototype. The synth has gone through three iterations, according to Behringer, but the manufacturer claims it has now nailed it.

The Simmons SDSV was inspired by the SY-1. The two rows of faders controlled two channels of percussion-oriented synthesis. It may be played via electronic pads or pretty much anything because of the trigger inputs. Behringer is considering changing the layout to fit into their preferred Eurorack format.

Because of the global difficulty with component shortages, Behringer apologizes for the delay and predicts that these problems will persist through 2022. It appears that we will all have to remain patient.

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