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Since Focusrite bought the firm in April 2021, this is the company’s first new synthesizer.It is a five-voice polyphonic instrument with two analog oscillators per voice and a continuously changing waveshape per oscillator, which may not have been specifically created for people who desire to perform the Dave Brubeck classic. Thus, its design resembles that of Sequential’s Prophet-5 Rev 4, launched in 2020.

On the other hand, the Mixer allows you to adjust the volumes of the oscillators as well as how much white noise is generated.

The four-pole low-pass filter, on the other hand, is believed to be based on the Prophet-5 Rev 4 filter. Self-oscillation may be achieved with Resonance control.

Take 5 Tools

Two five-stage envelope generators with configurable routing and velocity modulation of each envelope amount are among the modulation features. In addition, the envelopes will have the option of being assigned to a variety of modulation targets. A similar statement may be made about the LFO, which offers five waveforms and internal or external MIDI clock synchronization capabilities.

There’s also a separate reverb and overdrive section in the digital effects section, along with a multi-effect that offers stereo delay, BBD delay, tape delay, and chorus, as well as phaser, ring mod, vintage rotating speaker, and distortion.

With the new Prophet-5, you’ll now find a Vintage knob for recreating the oscillator, filter, and envelope irregularities seen in old synthesizer gear.

“The Take 5 puts the classic Sequential sound and legacy into the hands of people who may not have been able to experience it before,” said Dave Smith, Sequential founder, and lead product designer.

Founder and chief product designer Dave Smith remarked, “The Take 5 brings the traditional Sequential sound and history into the hands of people who may not have been able to hear it previously.”

The Take 5 retails for $1,299. Visit the Sequential website to learn more.

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