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L.E.T Zurich celebrates a decade with a 25-track compilation

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In celebration of their tenth anniversary, L.E.T Zurich is going all out. With each passing year, more releases have crept in, and the family of artists continues to grow. Announcing a twenty-five-track digital release.

In addition to past party visitors, a host of newcomers join the production team for a bold and stunning endeavor. On this occasion, the Swiss label has a reason to celebrate. With the Bandcamp exclusive, you’ll get a wide variety of sounds, all centered on the deep flowing feelings of minimal techno.

Alci, Cesar Merveille, Varhat, and Tolga Top all bring the groove to the table. Basslines from Christian Schiemann and Olga Karol ramp up the pace, contrasting with Aron and Drea’s pared down tones.

Flavio and Topper provide lots of percussions, while Wareika and Skiclub Toggenburg bring in the odd and amazing. When LET005 premiered, the Swiss duet was highlighted. A grit-filled bassline and James McHale continue the journey.

The list goes on… Here are a few more tracks for you to enjoy as we celebrate the life of a label that has just surpassed itself. From the 6th of September, you may purchase the compilation on Bandcamp. You may order it now.

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Epizode Albania announces their full lineup

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Ahead of the first edition of Epizode Albania in Lezh on the Adriatic coast, the festival has unveiled its entire lineup. From 23rd to the 26th, Margaret Dygas and Janeret will be performing at the event as well as Binh and John Dimas as well as Sweely and Petre Inspirescu.

Those from Albania and other Balkan nations can get a reduced price of €64 on full passes.

Epizode Albania 2021 will include the following artists:

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Epizode Albania has announced its first phase of artists

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Following the postponement of the 2020 Vietnam edition due to the pandemic, the announcement of their debut in Albania is received with tremendous excitement. Crews like The Volks and Half Baked are frequently featured on the program, along with a variety of guest stage hosts, generating anticipation for who musicians will be attending the more intimate 3-day festival.

Artists are given extended performances in the most gorgeous surroundings, embracing a lovely blend of house, techno, and minimal worlds. Ricardo Villalobos, RPR Soundsystem, and Francesco Del Garda, among others, make use of the 24-hour music license, playing lengthy sets with a diverse selection of musicians from throughout the world.

This iteration is in conjunction with the local UNUM Festival, which will hold its largest edition at the start of summer 2021, heralding the return of large-scale events.

From September 23 to 26, the festival will bring a large number of artists to the idyllic beach of Rana e Hedun in Shengjin, northwest Albania. Binh, Petre Ispirescu, Praslea, Maayan Nidam, Abelle, John Dimas, Roustam, Spoken, Sweely, and Varhat are among the first wave’s participants.

More artists will be revealed over the following several days, so stay tuned. The first tier of Multi-Passes is offered at the international price of €89, with a special discount of €54 for Balkan nations. Sister Multi Passes cost €89, while Group Multi Passes cost €209. Tickets are available for purchase on Epizode’s website.

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Centrale93 Open Air: Yoyaku x Ricardo Villalobos

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Ricardo Villalobos will perform at a unique sold-out performance for the French public on July 24th at OPEN AIR Centrale93. Accompanied by a variety of Yoyaku DJs, the show will be a fascinating return to the stage for this summer.

A well-known personality in the world of electronic music

Ricardo Villalobos was born in Chile and raised in Germany to a Chilean father and a German mother. After practicing at school parties and in homes, he performed in a club for the first time in 1988.

After receiving a Roland synthesizer as a present in the early 1990s, he began investing in his music equipment. His debut release was on the Overdrive label. Later on, Ricardo and several pals founded the labels Plastic Flavour and Elastic Music as a result of their enthusiasm over the fact that they were creating the minimal techno scene.

In the years to come, he’ll be known as a great DJ who entertains crowds around the world with his extended sets, as well as his releases as a producer.

Ricardo Villalobos has already established himself as a major figure in the modern electronic music scene, with his music being played in practically every club.  

A fantastic show for this summer

Ricardo will return to the French stages this summer to enchant us with classic songs and fresh rhythms. However, he will not be the sole star of this spectacular performance; legendary Yoyaku DJs like Cabanne, Janeret, Lowris, and Varhat will dazzle the audience. To mesmerize us with their fresh sounds and sessions.

Due to security concerns, the event was moved to an open area. The tickets were all sold out, and the event will take place on the scheduled day.

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