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Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 may be used now as USB audio interface

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Teenage Engineering can’t be blamed for not offering long-term support for its OP-1 synthesizer, already on firmware version number 243. In this free update, as have all prior ones, and adds some potentially helpful functions.

The OP-1, in particular, could now broadcast over USB. To put it more simply, it may now be used as a USB audio interface.

Not only can you sample and record straight to the OP-1 from any USB audio host, but you can also transfer audio from the OP-1 into your PC or Mac DAW.

Other changes include better external tempo sync stability and the commencement of recording when the tape is armed and the OP-1 gets a play signal.

The firmware update is compatible with all OP-1 models and may be downloaded from the Teenage Engineering website.

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