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DIY Modular Synth Projects for Teenage Engineering

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Teenage Engineering has released a collection of DIY modular synth projects based on their POM-1 barebones module components.

The three DIY projects make use of POM modules in various ways, including a tiny modular, a LEGO LFO, and a Jamaican-style dub siren.

Among the projects are:

  • Square Box — This project combines all of the modules from the POM-400 kit with Oddvolt panels to form a full Eurorack system.
  • Dub Siren is a siren effect box that includes an LFO, a square module, and a power supply.
  • Mechanical LFO — In this project, a LEGO robot is created to function as a mechanical LFO. Here’s an example of the LEGO project in action:

Individual POM-1 barebones modules are now available, with the majority of modules costing under $30 USD. Details may be found on the TE website.

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