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Roland MC707 Editor

Software editors for Roland MC-707 and MC-101 by Momo

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The standalone and VST editors allow you to access the inner workings of the Roland MC-707 and MC-101 Grooveboxes from your computer.

The features:
– Select / start the Scenes and Clips directly from Editor.
– Complex sound changes can be made easily and quickly.
– Direct access to the sound parameters.
– All controllers can be automated.
– X-Y modulation of all parameters.
– All Scatter variants can be started from the Editor.
– You can use your MC-707 and MC-101 as a sound module in the DAW.

Take a look to the MC-707 and MC-101 editor

Momo has done it again with these easy-to-use editors for macOS and Windows. The MC-707 version covers all 8 tracks, whereas the MC-101 version just covers the hardware’s four tracks. Otherwise, they are quite identical in form and function.

The major controls for each channel, including filter controls, modulation and envelope, portamento, vibrato, and all three effects sends, are all dragged out to the surface. You get an XY pad that you can link to settings for some great simultaneous control, as well as complete access to all the Scatter effect variants. From within the editor, you may also pick and start scenes and clips.

The MC-707 and MC-101 may be turned into sound modules within your DAW by using the VST/AU plugin version, which can be automated and have any motions recorded, and then stored as part of a project.

Owners of these groove boxes will find these editors handy and perhaps revolutionary, and they only cost around 7 Euros. You can buy it directly in the official website:

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