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The new turntable SL-1210G from Technics will be for sale in October

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A new turntable from Technics is aimed towards audiophiles.

When it was released in June of 2020, the limited-edition SL-1210GAE sold out almost immediately. On the technical side of things, the new turntable is just a blacked-out version of the SL-1200G model from 2016.

A “normal” black version of this flagship 1200 Series machine was in high demand, according to Frank Balzuweit, European product manager for Technics.

The iron-free direct-drive motor and magnesium tonearm provides rotation stability and dampening effect in the SL-1210G. It does not come with a cartridge that is already installed.

Europe will be able to purchase the SL-1210G starting in October 2021 for £3499/€3999. For additional information, see the Technics website.

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