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Moritz Klein DIY kit

Erica Synths and Moritz Klein’s Educational DIY Synth Kits teach circuit design

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Erica Synths has collaborated with the YouTuber and educator Moritz Klein to create a set of Eurorack DIY modules that will teach anybody on how to make analog synthesizer circuits from the ground up.

There are nine kits in the series, with one being released every 4-6 weeks to build a working modular mono synth. Each will come with a full user manual that will walk you through the electronics behind each circuit as well as the sound synthesis techniques featured therein. Each stage of the construction is explained in detail, including the reasons for component selection and their function inside the module.

The kits contain some of Erica Synths’ original flavor, but they’ve also been toned down to make them as basic and economical as possible. The VCO, which is now available, costs €60 plus shipping and VAT. There’s a small Catch-22 in that to test the module, you’ll need a Eurorack case, but the case isn’t currently available, making it difficult to target this towards Eurorack newcomers. So this may be more about individuals who already appreciate a little of modular delving into the nuts and bolts of the thing. The ultimate goal is to “inspire future engineers and contribute to the ever-expanding diversity of electronic music technology.”

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