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MIDI synthesizer

Dodo MIDI is a free audio-to-MIDI synthesizer controller

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Dodo MIDI is a free speech-to-MIDI plugin that detects incoming audio, which may be spoken or musical instruments, and converts it to MIDI, which can then be used to control any MIDI synth.

What the developer has to say about it is as follows:

“What distinguishes it from all other audio to MIDI software products on the market is that it performs very well and is helpful as a live musical instrument!” For the first time, you can play (nearly) any synthesizer or sampler using your voice, with no latency and extremely exact control over legato, slides, and articulation.”

The video above shows how to get started with the plugin. The video below shows how to configure it to operate a MIDI instrument:

Download it Dodo MIDI for free

You can download the Mac and Windows version directly in there website

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Super MIDI Pak converts your SNES into a MIDI synthesizer

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is known for its barnstorming ’90s sound chip, in addition to hosting some genuinely great games.

We’ve seen this replicated in others software before, but for complete realism, you’ll need Super MIDI Pak, which converts your SNES into an authentic, physical, playable MIDI synth.

Super MIDI Pak in action

The device is functional with both the NTSC and PAL versions of the Super Nintendo, including the Super Famicom and Super NT, and it provides access to 16 polyphonic channels with separate settings, as well as the ability to connect your keyboard through the micro USB and 3.5-inch TRS MIDI connections.

There is also a connected online application that can convert and upload WAV and SPC files.

The Super MIDI Pak is currently available for pre-order at a cost of $100. (plus sales tax and shipping). There is no set shipment date at this time, orders will be taken until October 15, 2021.

More information may be found on the Super MIDI Pak website.

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