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Pre-orders for the M2Synth 5U Modular Synth are now available

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Soundtronics has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the M2Synth, a full-size 5U modular analog synthesizer system that is both inexpensive and extensible.

“We gave ourselves the goal of creating a modular synth that not only sounded excellent and looked the part, but was also more inexpensive than other similar-sized systems,” they explain. “After two years of research and development, we are proud to present the M2Synth. We can put the M2Synth into production with your aid, and more aspiring analog fans and seasoned artists will be able to appreciate the delights of 5U modular synthesizers.”

Complete modular synth systems are the emphasis of their debut campaign. They aim to make all systems, modules, and Pods accessible individually after the Kickstarter systems delivery.

Soundtronics stated the following objectives for their system:

  • A comprehensive solution rather than a concentration on module manufacture
  • Costs a lot less than similar synthesizers.
  • To keep the old module aesthetic but make it more contemporary and elegant.
  • To minimize the modular’s overall size, particularly its depth (low profile)
  • For people who are gigging or attending meetings, portability is essential.
  • Expansion without obsolescence is possible.
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • It’s simple to use and isn’t ‘fiddly.’
  • Here’s a demo patch that includes their Chord 102 VCO, State Variable Filter 112, two LFOs, and an ADSR:

The M2Synth is available to project supporters in several configurations, with prices starting at around $1,371 for a 9-module system.

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