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Open-Control for Ableton Live has reached its pledged goal in Kickstarter

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The developer Pierre-Antoine Grison has reached its pledged goal on Kickstarter to support the construction of Open-Control, a customizable control surface for Ableton Live.

Grison, also known as Krazy Baldhead, is an Ed Banger Records producer, an Ableton Certified Trainer, and has previously utilized Kickstarter to fund the manufacture of the State Of The Loop pedalboard for Ableton Looper.

open-control is available in three configurations – Pocket, Boxed, and Maker – allowing you to adapt both the hardware and functionality of the controller to match your needs.

According to Grison, open control was created with two key purposes in mind:

It should display information that other MIDI controllers do not, such as Scene names, Marker names, Variations, and so on. It should allow the user to readily pick what actions each button and knob should execute, without requiring any MIDI-mapping or scripting expertise.


  • Matrix LED display that shines brightly.
  • 6 inputs for buttons or switch pedals.
  • 6 RGB LEDs provide visual feedback, and 2 knobs or expression pedal inputs are provided.
  • Ports for MIDI In and Out.
  • USB standard.

Cost and Availability

The open-control project is being sponsored through a Kickstarter campaign, and it is offered to project backers at the following prices: 69€ for the pocket version, 129€ for the boxed version and 59€ for the Maker version.

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The Centre a new Eurorack Modular Wavetable Synth

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The Centre project has launched a Kickstarter campaign to show off their latest creation, a modular synthesizer system that can also be used as a small semi-modular synth to add huge tones to your music. Professionals may utilize it as a local alternative of fantastic sound that can be manipulated with their current Eurorack system, while newcomers can learn about sound and music production.

Have access to a new tool

As a music producer, you’ll be able to include your pre-programmed sounds into your performances, while newbies may rely on hundreds of pre-programmed presets to get a taste of the electronic music world.

The Centre isn’t meant to be a substitute for those fantastic plugins; rather, it aims to replicate the comparable sound in hardware using similar approaches. Using the software isn’t always practical, and conducting a modular performance without a computer and by patching modulations is considerably easier.

The brain behind the product

Marcin Duda, often known as Duddie, is a Hong Kong-based technology enthusiast and synth lover who created this fantastic new invention.

Marcin Duda built the centre for himself, but he realized it would be a game-changing tool for everyone after showing it to a few people. A Wavetable Synthesiser is the centre. It has a Wavetable oscillator engine with unison and detunes that can operate many voices with complicated oscillators. It not only can generate complicated voices, but it also has polyphony.

The Centre’s major feature is the ability to generate filtered wavetable sounds with up to four voices of polyphony. Each voice can have several oscillators, and The Centre can handle up to 200 oscillators in total. That’s a lot of sound with a lot of harmonics.

The hardware for the Centre has been completed and is ready for manufacturing

The hardware for the Center is completed and ready for manufacturing.  They recently acquired PCB (Printed Circuit Board) version 4 and currently examining it. The transition from version 3 to version 4 was made only to enhance the production process. There are no issues with the hardware, and it will be produced as soon as the Kickstarter campaign concludes.

However, Software still requires a lot of effort, and the project will be improved in collaboration with supporters. The update method is now extremely easy; all that is required is to download the update file from the website, place it on an SD card, and The Centre will upgrade its firmware.

The center has created quite a buzz; the Kickstarter campaign has raised HK$ 589,990 (USD$ 76,007) of the HK$100,000 target (USD$ 12,882), and more people are becoming interested in this wonderful instrument every day.

We encourage that you view the commercial and learn more about the items featured in it and continue to support fresh musical inventions.

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