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Perlon will do a massive repress of their classics

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Perlon records are well-known among minimal music enthusiasts all over the world, therefore the announcement of a repress of one more EP is really exciting. Understand the enthusiasm when it was confirmed recently that a huge repress with 11 titles had been on the way.

The imprint created by Zip, Chris Rehberger, and Markus Nikolai has grown from strength to strength, starting with Nikolai’s first album since its foundation in 1997.

The list of EPs that will be released this year is remarkable, ranging from Ricardo Villaobos’ collaboration with Martin Shopf on PERL 13 to Horror Inc.’s luscious ‘I Please Guilty’ on PERL 042, and Ricardo’s part 3 of his ‘Dependent And Happy’ masterpiece. Feel free to check out the pre-sale activity on decks.de.

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