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Daniele Ricca

CDV TV Live with Resilience Groove

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Resilience Groove, a pioneering and unique ensemble, performed live on a Livestream at Club der Visionaere on May 30th, introducing us to their unique sounds and an extraordinary manner of performing music magically.

Francesco Passantino, Berten De Beukelaer, Francesco Monaco, and Daniele Ricca compose the group Resilience Groove. Together, they’ve come up with a new electronic music formula. Is the combination of man, machine, and plant Earthlings of many ages, backgrounds, and experiences who have come together to celebrate the Groove of Life. They prefer to live a passionate life, a genuine life, together in real life, enjoying amazing moments, thus we play live.

Watch their performance

Resilience Groove has demonstrated that passion can influence music; their jams throughout the live stream reflect the progress and rewards of living life to the fullest. Their vision is of a life in which we recover our right to dance, as well as our freedom of speech and assembly.

This ensemble has a unique sound that everyone should experience at least once, which is why we encourage watching their livestream and listening to their music.

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