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CDV TV Live with Resilience Groove

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Resilience Groove, a pioneering and unique ensemble, performed live on a Livestream at Club der Visionaere on May 30th, introducing us to their unique sounds and an extraordinary manner of performing music magically.

Francesco Passantino, Berten De Beukelaer, Francesco Monaco, and Daniele Ricca compose the group Resilience Groove. Together, they’ve come up with a new electronic music formula. Is the combination of man, machine, and plant Earthlings of many ages, backgrounds, and experiences who have come together to celebrate the Groove of Life. They prefer to live a passionate life, a genuine life, together in real life, enjoying amazing moments, thus we play live.

Watch their performance

Resilience Groove has demonstrated that passion can influence music; their jams throughout the live stream reflect the progress and rewards of living life to the fullest. Their vision is of a life in which we recover our right to dance, as well as our freedom of speech and assembly.

This ensemble has a unique sound that everyone should experience at least once, which is why we encourage watching their livestream and listening to their music.

Links of interest

Resilience Groove
Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

Argenis Brito, Miguel Noya & Miguel Toro live at CDV.TV this Sunday

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This Venezuelan musician trio will congregate one special night to share with us their marvelous jazz sounds, electronic theme, Latin American rhythms, and most popular songs this Sunday, May 16th at 20:00 CET.

The Livestream will take place at Club der Visionäre’s YouTube channel (CDV.TV). Subscribe to it and get the notification when Argenis Brito, Miguel Noya, and Miguel Toro start their live music performance.

Learn more about the artists

Argenis Brito has been making an impact on the electronic scene for more than a decade, experimenting and creating new productions. Also, he is known for pioneering the use of Latin American sounds and rhythms in modern dance music. Furthermore, his work has played an important role in collaborations with Señor Coconut, Tobias Freund, and Jorge Gonzalez. 

Miguel Noya is a well-known musician for his incorporation of pre-Columbian sounds and tropical rhythms. His works have impacted the ways to incorporate mythical beats creating a new world in his music. 

Miguel Toro is an influenced producer that has been working with various names in the industry. Miguel has worked in traditional music composition throughout his career and music productions. 

Assist and share this virtual event

Visit the official event page CDV.TV Live with Argenis Brito, Miguel Noya & Miguel Toro.

Links of interest

Argenis Brito
Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook 

Miguel Noya
Soundcloud | Instagram | Website 

Miguel Toro
Soundcloud | Instagram | Website

Help Club der Visionäre and Hoppetosse

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Club der Visionäre and Hoppetosse needs help to survive during this time with strong restrictions. You might have visit or heard about them, we and many others consider them the best clubs in Berlin. If you love them as we do, visit their fundraiser campaign and help them by buying their goods or sharing the news.

Why they need help?

Well, everything started with the unexpected fire last year and now because the restrictions imposed after the Coronavirus lockdown in Germany. In short, they are having a really bad time with their finances, putting both clubs at great risk of shutting down forever. As a result, the management of Club der Visionäre began a campaign in Startnext offering merchandising, tickets, a cutting from it’s well know willow and private parties.

How can I help?

Just buy your favorite item from CDV to support them here.

For more information visit the next link:

What are they doing meanwhile?

Since Hoppetosse is closed and CDV is opening just a few days they have been streaming DJ sets. If you haven’t been yet to these clubs, now is the time to take a look inside and listen to the music they regularly play there. Have fun listening to some qualities DJ livestreans:

  • Hoppetosse partner with The MUDD Show, their livestreams can be founded here: Hoppetosse x The MUD Show
  • Meanwhile, Club der Visionäre launched CDV TV for their livestreams.