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Discogs has over one million cassettes on their website

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Discogs has officially listed over one million cassettes, marking a significant milestone for the online marketplace.

The new release arrived during Discogs’ Cassette Week, weeks solely to the crowdsourced database’s cassettes. Cassette Week, which takes place this year from October 10 to October 16, is described as “an annual festival of all things cassettes” on Discogs’ official website.

On October 11, the website claimed that over 1.1 million cassettes had been added to the crowdsourced database, reaching a new milestone.

“Both of those statistics represent the ongoing revival surrounding the format that we’ve been following since the start of Cassette Week in 2018,” said Jeffrey Smith, Discogs’ Director of Growth Marketing.

Continuing comeback in the name of nostalgia

Cassette Week has been documenting the return of cassettes throughout the years since its inception.

“Cassette culture is fueled by a community of nostalgic collectors who never gave up on cassettes, labels and artists who release new music on this inexpensive format, and music consumers who adore it,” according to the official website of Discogs.

While Cassette Week is still going on, Discogs is pushing artists to release their music on cassette via their marketplace, with some companies releasing exclusive cassettes as reissues.

“This well-loved and significant format was a crucial piece of music technology in the 1970s and ’80s, but has also had a comeback in recent years,” they said.

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