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Electronic music produced with the help of black hole data

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Dr. Valery Vermeulen, a mathematician, and musician have created an electronic audio-visual music album consisting completely of data sonification of black holes.

‘Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001,’ a new concept album by Dr. Valery Vermeulen, will be released on December 3. The project consists of three tracks, each of which explores a gravitational singularity’s natural occurrences.

Vermeulen is recognized for combining art and science by using data sonification to transform data streams from various black hole models into sound and song.

The album’s exclusive source material was created using simulations of black hole mergers, gravitational waves, neutron stars, and elementary particle behavior near black holes and white dwarfs.

The data for this album were gathered and created in collaboration with a variety of academic partners. Former colleagues and long-time associates of Stephen Hawking, physicists Prof. Dr. Matthias Kaminski, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hertog were important participants in data collecting for this project.

Valery Vermeulen holds a Ph.D. in pure mathematics as well as an MA in music production, and he is fascinated by the confluence of art and science.

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