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Bandcamp will contribute 100% of their part of purchases to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

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To commemorate Juneteenth this year, Bandcamp will contribute its royalties to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund once more.

Bandcamp will give all of its earnings to the NAACP on Friday, June 18th, from midnight to midnight PST. Each year on June 19th, Juneteenth marks the abolition of slavery in the United States. Following last year’s edition, this is the second time Bandcamp has conducted a Juneteenth sale.

Black Bandcamp, a platform established to showcase Black musicians on the music streaming service, changed its name to Black Artist Database the previous month, but it is still a great place to find and support Black music.

This day should motivate us to reflect on our current situation and consider what we can do to make the world a somewhat more fair place. Each modest individual activity adds up to huge communal triumphs that improve everyone’s quality of life. In addition to commemorating past triumphs, we must identify present issues and begin to address them to build a better society.

Space Hybrids 02

Space Hybrids 02 is out now!

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This independent and promising label curated by Hypnoize presents us its second release with an astonishing and authentic EP containing 2 tracks produced by Ezaqui and a dancefloor bomb remix by Isaac Elejalde. What may catch your eye, in the beginning, is the representative cover art made by Santiago Taberna, who is becoming part of the label imprint with his interpretations of what our Space Hybrids stand for, getting his inspiration from the tracks from the label themselves.

Listen to Space Hybrids 02

The EP starts with “6 Capitulos” : An 11 minute trip that takes us to some dark corner of outer space, where our hybrids dance and communicate between themselves. The powerful bass of the track maintains its presence during the track, providing it with its darkest color.

Lector Nocturno is the second track of the release, getting much groovier and dance-floor friendly, but keeping the dark vibe that is so characteristic from Ezaqui.

Last but not least, the final track of the second release is an amazing Deep House reinterpretation of Lector Nocturno made by Isaac Elejalde, which maintains a minimalist hypnotic vibe but getting closer to House and a warmer atmosphere.

In conclusion

Space Hybrids is a music label that is looking forward to keep on delighting you with cutting-edge sounds. Keep an eye on them, more releases are coming soon, and download their catalog available at Space Hybrids‘ Bandcamp!

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Space Hybrids
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Bandcamp Fridays are Coming Again

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Bandcamp Fridays is an initiative created by Bandcamp after the pandemic hit the music community to support independent artists and labels by waiving 100% of the sales without taking their share.

Since March, the fans have bought more than $75 million in this platform. Also, each Bandcamp Friday sells around $1 million in music and merchandising that goes directly to the artists and labels without any cuts.

The good news, they will continue doing their Bandcamp Fridays until the end of the year taking place the first Friday of the month. That’s why we invite you to be part of the next Bandcamp Friday.

The next dates of Bandcamp Fridays 2020 are:

September, 4th 2020
October, 2nd 2020
November, 6th 2020
December, 4th 2020

Please check out the following website for time zone demystification: